Why January is the Key Month to Make Your Summer Plans

By now school has started back up again after the holidays and families have settled back into their normal routines. Believe it or not, now is the time to start mapping your summer plans. Here are some reasons why January is the best month to make plans for summer:

  • Vacations and summer camps are offering ‘Book Early’ discounts: January is a key month in the recreation and tourism industry for reservations. National parks have opened up summer reservations for June and summer camps are offering Book Early Discounts. Click here to read more about Kennolyn’s Early Payment Discount.
  • Ample time allows for excitement to build: One of the things we hear from families all the time is how great of a positive encouragement summer plans can be for their kids. Many of our camp parents use the idea of summer camp or a family vacation as positive encouragement for their child to do well in school or behave well at home. What a great way to encourage kids!
  • Sure, spontaneous trips can often be fun but for some, spontaneity can be stressful. Planning early allows time to make sure that you get the most out of your trip or summer plans. If your child has a birthday between now or summer you could incorporate your summer plans into their gift like adding a special day excursion to your trip or buying them a new sleeping back for their session at camp.
  • Calendar planning can be a great family activity: Sitting around the dinner table talking about summer plans is a great way to engage the whole family about something they are all excited and passionate about. We recommend planning together and giving everyone an opportunity to share what they are excited about. Here is a 2020 Family Summer Calendar that you can use during your planning session.
  • Other people are doing it: While we generally don’t believe that just because someone else is doing something you should do it too, when it comes to early planning peer pressure is a good thing! Remember, ‘the early bird gets the worm’ and you may find that family and friends are also planning their summers now. January is a great time to bring up multi-family trips or coordinate summer camp sessions with friends.
  • You have time to budget: Summer plans can be expensive. Between family vacations, childcare, and excursions the dollar amount adds up! Planning in January gives you the time to budget as a family to make sure that by the time summer rolls around you still have wiggle room in your finances to do the things that are truly important.

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