Huntington Lake, CA | Grades 5-11

Overnight Camp

We are sad to say that our camp location at Huntington Lake has suffered severe damage in the Creek fire.  Please note, our original camp in Soquel, near Santa Cruz is fine and suffered no damage from the fires in that area.  Here is our statement on Huntington Lake.

As you may know, the Creek fire in Fresno and Madera Counties reached our camp at Huntington Lake.  Much of the area surrounding the lake itself appears unaffected, including our waterfront, boathouse and dock facilities.  Sadly, the camp itself sustained major fire damage.  There had been nearly 100 years of camp memories created there – starting in 1923 with the Huntington Lake Camp for Girls and then Camp LaSalle until Kennolyn became its steward in 2018.  The lake is, of course, the heart of our program at this camp so knowing that our lake facilities are intact is wonderful news.

All members of Kennolyn’s Caldwell family were onsite at Huntington Lake when the Creek fire started.  Thankfully they evacuated safely along with hundreds of others at the lake for Labor Day Weekend.  As the evacuees drove down the hill, over 2 dozen fire trucks were racing up the mountain to protect Huntington. A heart-felt thank you goes out to all these fire fighters, along with our Huntington Lake Volunteer Fire Department headed up by Fire Chief Brother Chris Donnelly and Asst. Chief Brad Driscoll.

While we are heart-broken by the fire’s impact on our camp, we are excited for the opportunity to re-envision our lake camp program. We are also emboldened with the knowledge that our original camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains can continue to serve our camp families as it has been doing for 75 years.  We will leave these pictures on the page so we know what was and can be again at our beautiful lakeside camp.

Campers in speed boat smile at camera
Two campers look backward and smile




Kennolyn Camps, Huntington Lake takes place on a site that is operated under a Special Use Permit from the USDA Forest Service on the Sierra National Forest, California. The camp operates on a non-discriminatory, equal opportunity basis.