Summer 2020

Special Days & Traditions

Wacky Wednesday

Everyone dresses up from head to toe in camp colors and participates in a series of weird and wonderful contests. Who knows you could break a Wacky World record!! It’s challenging and fun and a great way to break things up mid week!

Friday Funday

Each Friday we plan a fun themed activity day, when campers and counselors alike can dress up and participate in special activities related to the theme. All week long we feature skits, songs, sudden performances and activities to build excitement around the theme, which might be Rock Star Day, Super Hero Day, Olympic Day, Luau Day…and more!

Girls dressed as Supergirl and Wonder Woman for Friday Funday
Campers dressed in wacky costumes form a line
Boys running through inflatable waterslide
Girls running on grass next to inflatable waterslide

Opening Circle & Closing Campfire

Each day we gather together to start and finish the day. Kennolyn has a rich tradition of music and singing. Campers learn a wide range of camp songs which they will share with you at home. If we have a camper with a birthday, they get to come on stage with the day camp staff. The lucky camper will get to choose the song they will sing together. It is a fun birthday tradition that campers look forward to.