Santa Cruz Day Camp

Training Program

New this summer!

We welcome new and returning campers entering 10th grade to apply for our new Day Camp Camper in Leadership Training program or CILT.

Day Camp CILTs are campers who actively participate in special activities with responsibilities appropriate to their age and abilities. CILTs participate in activities as a group for the majority of the day with a focus on communication and leadership development. They learn to belay on the Senior Ropes course, do challenging initiatives, and discuss topics related to leadership. This valuable time helps CILTs discover who they are and what they need to work on. For a portion of their day (1-2 periods), CILTs take some responsibility in assisting group counselors where they role model exemplary behavior. Our experienced training program coordinator supports CILTs along the way and sends a written evaluation after the end of a session.

In this first summer, the CILT program will be offered Session 2 and 7 only. To create an effective group, we need 6-10 campers. If sessions fill we will consider opening other dates. If they do not fill by April 1st we will reach out to combine sessions. If we cannot reach minimum enrollment at that time, we will cancel the program and provide a 100% refund.

Parents/Guardians register campers as normal on our website. Campers themselves must also complete the following application to be accepted into the program. The application includes two short videos and can be easily completed from a cell phone. Dan Johnson, the Day Camp Director, will respond within two weeks of the application. Parents will be included in all communications along the way.  Enrollment is not confirmed until these steps are complete and an acceptance letter has been issued.