Santa Cruz Day Camp

Leadership Development Program

CILT 10th – CIT 11th – CA 12th

CILT (10th) & CIT (11th) Leadership Development Program
Session 2 June 19 - 23 (1st wk of 2-wk session) $625
Session 7 August 7 - 11 $625

The Kennolyn Day Camp Development Program is designed to develop 21st Century Skills – leadership, communication, initiative, and creativity – for high school students who enjoy the camp environment, are ready for new challenges and are interested in becoming counselors in the future.

Summer camp is THE place to develop 21st Century Skills. And these skills are essential to youth development and set them up to thrive as young adults. As they prepare for college and the workplace it is a good reminder that companies like Google who routinely say it is skills like communication and collaboration not STEM that predict employee success. We hope your teen will join us, LEARN-BY-DOING, and see real GROWTH over time.

Learn more about 21st Century Skills from American Camp Association, Stanford, or the Washington Post.

Participants cultivate compassion and empathy through creating connections with campers; develop leadership skills through opportunities to lead games, songs, and more; facilitate campers’ social skill development as they meet new people, make friends, and solve disputes; receive coaching and feedback from camp professionals; support counselors in fostering a positive camp experience for all campers…and most of all GROW!

Participants live at home and commute to Day Camp each day (we offer a similar program at our Overnight Camp where CITs live onsite and help at Day Camp during the day). While most participants are former campers, newcomers are welcome to join the CILT or CIT programs at Day Camp. Enrollment is limited to 10 campers per program per session. Registration is completed online as usual. To be formally accepted into the program, participants complete an additional application which is then reviewed by the Camp Director for admission. Completion of either the Day or Overnight CILT-CIT programs allows campers to be eligible to apply for a paid position as a Counselor Assistant as a rising 12th grader at Day Camp.

CILT (Campers in Leadership Training)
Designed for rising 10th graders to explore their leadership potential. Their time is a balance between being a camper having fun participating in activities with fellow CILTs for 50% of their time and the other 50% developing as a leader through training or shadowing a group. They gain real skills, discover who they are, and what they need to work on. Our experienced Development Program Coordinator supports CILTs along the way.

CIT (Counselors in Training)
Designed for rising 11th graders to take an active role in helping group counselors manage campers with a focus on building relationships. CITs spend 30% of their time in training and 70% of their time in a support role to our group counselors. Before the session starts, CITs participate in a ½ day training on the Kennolyn philosophy, camp leadership, positive approaches to discipline, and the importance of being a positive role model. Once at camp they receive one period of training Monday-Thursday in a program area of their interest (Equestrian, Aquatics, or High Ropes) and one period on leadership development. The remaining time they assist Counselors with opportunities to lead activities under their supervision. Upon completion of the program they receive a letter of recommendation for their future use or as a part of their application as a paid Counselor Assistant.

CA (Counselor Assistant)
100% paid position designed for rising 12th graders who have completed the CIT program. Position length must be at least 2 weeks. Pay is hourly on the same pay scale as all other staff who are required to have completed 12th grade. CAs work under the supervision of an area coordinator – Aquatics, Equestrian, or High Ropes – and participate in paid staff training along with the rest of the summer staff. Training ranges from 3-6 days depending on position. Aquatics training includes a Red Cross Lifeguarding certificate valid for two years.