Discounts & Special Offers

We love having you as part of the Kennolyn family, and are pleased to offer a number of ways to help you save next summer.

Early Payment Discount (October 16- February 1)
All campers who pay in full by February 1st, 2019 will receive the following discounts:

Overnight Camp 1 week $100
Overnight Camp 2 week and CILT $300
Huntington Lake Special for all current and former Kennolyn campers $250
CIT $100
Day Camp $50 per full week

Click here for Family Camp Early Payment Discounts

Sibling Discounts (Save up to $400)

1st Sibling Discounts Overnight Camp 1 Week $100
Overnight Camp 2 Week and CILT $175
Overnight Camp Intro Camp $25
Day Camp $25 per session
2 or More Sibling Discounts Overnight Camp 1 Week $200
Overnight Camp 2 Week and CILT $400
Overnight Camp Intro Camp $25
Day Camp $50 per session

Multiple Session Discounts

Overnight Camp – Save $200 when you enroll your camper for four weeks or more

Day Camp – Save when you sign up for multiple sessions:

  • ANY two complete 1-week sessions save $25
  • ANY three complete weeks save $75
  • ANY four complete weeks save $125
  • ANY five complete weeks save $200
  • ANY six complete weeks save $250
  • Seven or more complete  weeks save $300

Please note that all discounts apply to the cost of tuition only, but not to extra fees such as store accounts, photos, yearbooks or activities like Adventure Camp, Surfing, Trapeze, etc. Discounts don’t apply to the 3 day program.

Kennolyn Supporter Program

It’s easy! Encourage friends and neighbors to come to camp. Overnight Camps: for each camper from a new Kennolyn family that gives us your name at the time of enrollment, you will receive a $75 credit (once camp tuition is paid in full), and they will receive an instant $50 discount on their camp session. Day Camp and Intro Camp: credit for referring a family is $25, and the new family receives a $20 discount.

To refer a family to Kennolyn:

  1. Send us an email at with the subject line “Supporter Program”
  2. In the email, give us the name and email address of the family you are referring
  3. The new family can go ahead and enroll, and we will apply apply their discount and your credit

Of course, there are a few conditions:

  • Full credits and discounts are earned on all sessions at Kennolyn Camps EXCEPT Day Camp sessions of less than 2 weeks. Credit for referring a one-week day camp family is $25, and the new family receives a $20 discount. You can use accumulated credits to pay tuition for ANY session at Kennolyn (Day, Resident or Family Camp.)
  • Credits have no cash value except when used to generate a refund on tuition already paid by you. This means if you have paid in full for this year’s camp and then earn a credit, you can save the credit for up to 24 months or ask for a cash refund. Cash refund requests MUST be made by August 30th each year or the credits will be held over. Refund checks will be mailed once each year, in mid-September.
  • Credits can be used to pay Kennolyn tuition only, but are not valid for extras like yearbooks, photos, store accounts etc.
  • You will not earn credit or receive a discount to enroll your own child(ren) at Kennolyn.
  • Credits are valid for 24 months (starting from the date credited to your account), allowing you to build significant credit.
  • Credits can be used toward any camper’s tuition. You can also divide your credits and pay a portion of the tuition for multiple campers (perfect for grandparents!)

Host a Camp Gathering

Enhance your referrals by hosting a camp gathering! Kennolyn staff will come to your home, workplace, etc. and make a presentation to your invited guests. You will receive credit for every new family that enrolls at Kennolyn as a result, and they will receive the discount.

Questions? Call 831-479-6714 or e-mail and we’ll help you get started

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