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Choosing the right summer camp is a major decision, and we honor the trust you place in us. We are eager to assist in any way we can, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can to do to help.

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Does my child need a friend to come with him/her to Kennolyn?

No. The majority of Kennolyn campers do not come to camp with a particular friend. We think of camp as one of the best and easiest places to make new friends. Our counselors are trained to include all campers in activities and create cohesive cabin groups regardless of whether campers know each other outside of Kennolyn or not.

Can we come to camp and take a look around?

Yes! We have numerous tour days and open houses, but you can also just make an appointment to see our beautiful facility when it suits you. Our year round office is in the center of camp, so we are here all the time. See our available tour and open house dates here.

How many activities are there to choose from?

How many activities are in each day?

Campers are assigned 6 activities and each one is 55 minutes long. 3-4 days every week are dedicated to these activities.

Are there any other campers who live near me?

Probably. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, it would be hard to imagine a neighborhood where you would not run into a current or former Kennolyn camper! If you’d like to meet campers from your area, contact us and we would be happy to put you in touch with other camp families.

Where do your staff come from?

About 60% are from the US and 40% are from countries around the world. Interacting with staff from other cultures is an eye-opening and powerful experience for our American campers and staff alike.

How do you hire the staff?

Very carefully! We are fortunate to have a very strong reputation, so we have far more applicants than open positions. US staff apply to us directly and go through the interview process, reference and background checks before being hired. International staff apply through an agency, which conducts the interviews, handles reference and background checks, provides us with verifications, and facilitates special working visas for the summer. We select candidates via the agency database, as well as through in-person job fairs in Europe. We also interview each candidate to ensure a good fit for Kennolyn.

Who runs the camp?

Kennolyn is operated as a family business by the children and grandchildren of our founders, Aunt Marion and Uncle Max. Read the Kennolyn story here.

What makes Kennolyn such a good camp?

Too many things to mention! History, location, facilities, depth of program, quality of staff, and commitment are the things we hear the most compliments about from our happy camp families.

How long have you been around?

Since 1946, under the same family ownership at the same location.

What is the ACA or WAIC?

ACA is the American Camp Association, and it offers the only nationally recognized accreditation program for camps. About 25% of the camps in the USA decide to pursue this standard. Kennolyn is proud to be an ACA accredited camp. WAIC is the Western Association of Independent Camps, a professional network of the very best camps in the western states.

What are the medical facilities like?

We have a modern health center staffed with 2 nurses, 24 hours a day. A local doctor is on-call all summer, and Dominican Hospital is just six miles away.

Is Kennolyn religiously affiliated?

No, we have no religious component to our program and are not affiliated with any religious organization.

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