Santa Cruz Mountains - Stone Creek Village

Fall 2020

Now that most schools have transitioned to distance learning, we have heard from many families who are struggling to imagine months of isolation for their children. After running camp successfully for 9 weeks this summer with over 500 children, we have learned a lot about how to carefully and cautiously bring kids together to get the benefits of being outdoors, making friends, and having fun. So, we are announcing Fall Camps.

Fall Overnight School Camps

(grades 4-12)


We have combined our traditional overnight camp and distance learning to provide kids an experience that is both fun and productive. We are excited to offer this program for so many socially starved campers. Like our overnight camps from the summer, campers are split into groups of 12 with two counselors. We start the session with typical camp fun on the weekend and then during the week provide each group their own indoor and outdoor learning area. Each camper will have their own dedicated space to continue their distance learning just like they would at home. Afternoons and evenings will be filled with camp fun while also accommodating those that may need more time for school. With only three groups on our large property and a very experienced staff we are able to cater to each child’s needs. When the following Saturday rolls around, we’ll transition back into camp activities.

Session 1  September 12 - 20
(Full for High School Girls)
Session 2 September 26 – October 4 $2,395

We recommend that you are flexible in planning your session. Our goal would be to group campers as much as possible by educational schedule, age, and friends. Once registered, we will reach out to discuss learning needs and may suggest one session over another based off of others enrolled.

Camp is limited to 36 campers, so register today!

Learn more by watching our recorded Zoom Webinar

Overnight Camp FAQs

Does Kennolyn have the Internet Bandwidth to support all of these campers doing online learning including Zoom calls?

Yes, we are limiting enrollment to 36 campers and have dedicated fiber internet, which is robust and fast. We also have a backup generator that powers the entire camp in the case of a power outage.

Can you really make sure the campers fulfill their school work?

With your help, yes. Upon enrollment, Kelly Espinosa, our Dean of Students will contact you to set up a zoom conference. In that meeting you will have the opportunity to discuss all aspects of your campers school work. Based on that conversation, you will submit a detailed educational plan which will be reviewed and implemented by our staff. Click here to see the education team that will manage remote learning.

Where will the campers do their school work?

We have both indoor and outdoor study areas supervised by our Learning Coordinators. Each camper will have a desk and storage shelves. Headphones will be required for online classes.  More casual work like reading assignments, working on drafts of papers, etc can also be done outside amongst the incredible redwoods.

My camper is a night owl and does his/her work at night and likes to play video games during the day. Is this OK?

It’s OK at home but not here. We will be school work focused in the mornings (or as dictated by your school/district) and camp fun will be the priority in the afternoons and evenings.

My camper has a pretty rigorous schedule that includes homework. How will they get it all done?

We will help them use their time well. Although we will have regular camp bedtimes between 8:30pm and 9:30pm, for campers that might have a tougher schedule of work, supervised quiet hours can be arranged at night to accommodate additional work that may be required.

I will be following my students' school progress from home. What if I need to remind them about an assignment or they need my help?

We will offer a lot of basic help here but during the school work hours, campers will be online and able to contact you. Once school hours are done for the day, you can send them a message for the next day or contact the education team for help.

Will my camper be able to access online content other than school related material?

Because so many schools are using services like YouTube and Netflix for school assignments, we can’t block these websites. But, we will be closely monitoring online activity to ensure that school time is focused and appropriate.

What are your COVID-19 protocols?

The fundamental protective measures we have taken all summer include: frequent handwashing, sanitizing of common areas, equipment, etc., pre arrival health survey, intake health check, campers in stable groups, and daily health checks. We all wear face coverings in certain situations (but not when studying alone, eating, interacting with others in the stable group.) But the best protection for all of us is stay home and be very careful for 14 days prior to camp. Our capacity for this program is 15% of our normal! There is a LOT of space to spread out and feel safe. We operate in stable groups so the kids are exposed to 11 other campers and 2-3 counselors. That is the risk. We have operated like this all summer with no cases of Coronavirus.

Won’t there be too many distractions for my student to focus on school?

No. We aim to create an atmosphere something like a boarding school where education is the focus during the school day (which can be customized for every camper.) There will not be groups in the pool while other groups are studying. Once school work is done for the day, then we will open up activities and have fun

Fall Day Camps

(grades 1-7)


This newly created program on our Stone Creek Village property is a great way to add some outdoor fun and much needed socialization after a day of distance learning at home!

Session 1  September 21-25 $395
Session 2 October 5-9 $395

Our start time is flexible from 1-3pm so you can work around your individual school day, and pick-up is at 6pm so your child will come home tired and happy and ready for the next day. Like our day camps this summer, campers are organized into “stable groups” of 12 with 2 adult counselors, and will remain with that group throughout the session. Groups have their own play areas, equipment, outdoor adventure site and bathrooms, to eliminate mixing with other groups. The camp follows all current health and safety guidelines and adjusts procedures as guidelines change.

Groups will participate in scheduled activities during the day including: swimming, archery, axe throwing, riflery, arts and crafts, outdoor adventure, outdoor cooking, court games, field sports, ping-pong, and more!

Camp is limited to 48 campers, so register today!


Ready for Fall 2020?