Santa Cruz Mountains, CA | Grades 1-12

Summer 2020

What do you do when life gives you lemons? Make lemonade! For summer 2020 we have revamped our programs and protocols to offer day and overnight camps for those who live and/or work in Santa Cruz County. We are excited to share our camp with your child now more than ever.

Next to staying at home, camp is the next best place for kids! And after months of being couped up, they deserve a time and place for fun, play and adventure. And Kennolyn is just that place. Our private 450 acres of redwoods, well-trained 2020 adult counselors, experienced leadership team, and tons of great activities provide children a traditional, structured program designed to foster emotional, social and physical growth.

Camp will look a little different this year. We’ve adjusted many of our procedures according to guidance provided by Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc (EH&E), a Boston-based consulting firm specializing in environmental health. The materials were developed based off of professional association guidelines, Federal guidance, and most importantly from the Centers for Disease Control. We have incorporated these new standards into our program for the benefit of our campers and staff. Some of the changes include more hand washing, increased cleaning and sanitation by our staff, social distancing between groups, rigorous daily health checks, masks being worn by staff, and some activities cannot be offered.

Our camp takes place out of doors with access to the redwoods, fields, streams, a pond, and miles of trails. We believe in the power of a day spent exploring these natural resources and connecting kids to the natural world around them. While playing outdoors is not a single answer to the issues faced by kids and families today, research shows that it is a great start. Research also shows how camp is truly a unique antidote to the anxiety ridden, screen focused lives so many of our children experience. Perhaps now more than ever. The break from technology gives campers the space to build their social skills and have fun just being a kid.

Ready for Summer 2020?