Santa Cruz Mountains

Day Camp

Welcome to Kennolyn’s Day Camp! We offer a traditional, structured program designed to foster emotional, social and physical growth in each camper, while embracing the power of fun, play and adventure. Our 240 private acres and caring adult counselors make this the most authentic day camp experience in the area. Your child will build relationships, try new things, focus on some favorites, and have a ton of fun!

Our camp takes place out of doors with access to forest, fields, a pond, and miles of trails. We believe in the power of a day spent exploring these natural resources and connecting kids to the natural world around them. While playing outdoors is not a single answer to the issues faced by kids and families today, research shows that it is a great start. Research also shows how camp is truly a unique antidote to the anxiety ridden, screen focused lives so many of our children experience. The break from technology gives campers the space to build their social skills and have fun just being a kid.

Why Choose Kennolyn?

  • Family owned and operated since 1946
  • Beautiful location overlooking Monterey Bay
  • Programs for Kindergarten through 8th grade
  • Wide range of fun and challenging activities to discover
  • Group activities and exciting electives
  • Nurturing, healthy and safe environment

Why Choose Summer Camp?

  • Develop physical and social skills
  • Energize and encourage productivity
  • Build long lasting friendships and self esteem
  • Gain confidence to be adventurous & try new things
  • Learn team building, independence & leadership skills
  • Allow children to grow and learn about themselves

Helpful Hint: Although our program goes way beyond the limitations of a simple day care program, camp tuition can often be claimed as a day care tax deduction. Check with your accountant or tax professional.

Ready for Summer?