Santa Cruz Mountains

Day Camp

Why Kennolyn?

Ready to get your child away from technology and into a nourishing community of fun, friends, and the great outdoors? Give your child a healthy dose of Kennolyn Day Camp!

On 240 acres of privately owned redwood forest only miles from town, we’re just a short camp bus ride away. Your child will thrive in this fun, active, supportive environment, and you will get a break (or at least be able to work without interruption). And after a day of exploring the fields, pond, and miles of trails, they’ll be happy-tired after each fun day!

We ran in 2020 and 2021 with NO COVID cases and a long waiting list. We don’t know what 2022 will look like, but our health and safety playbook is robust and ingrained in everything we do. We are ready to go.

We are the only traditional summer day camp accredited by the American Camp Association in the area. Their rigorous standards help guide our policies, procedures, and practices.

Nowhere else in the local region will you find a more complete, authentic summer day camp experience than Kennolyn. Just ask your friends and neighbors!

Give us a call or schedule a tour – we are excited to share this special place with your family.



Campers minimum age 5 by January 1, 2022 and entering grades K-9 are eligible. Campers entering 10th grade may apply for the Camper in Leadership Training program. Campers are placed in coed groups based on their grade. Two well-trained adult counselors remain with the group at all times. Counselors in Training (11th graders) from our overnight camp provide assistance. Groups follow a planned schedule with some choice built in from Monday through Thursday. On Friday Fun Day, campers grades 2+ choose their own activities during the morning. The afternoon wraps up the week with a fun event based on a different theme each week. This is a great change of pace for campers who spend multiple weeks at Kennolyn.


Typical Day

The fun starts with songs and chants right when campers board the bus. Once at camp there are more songs, skits, cheers and flag rising at our campfire amphitheater in a beautiful redwood grove. Five activity periods keep campers busy with planned breaks for snack and lunch. We reunite again for even more songs and skits at the end of the day and then board the buses for the ride home.

Time Monday - Thursday   Time Friday (end early)
9:15 Buses Arrive 9:15 Buses Arrive
9:20 Opening Ceremonies 9:20 Opening Ceremonies
9:30 Group Activities Periods 1-3 9:30 Free Choice Periods 1-3
12:30 Lunch-Free Play-Early PickUp 12:00 Lunch-Free Play-Early PickUp
1:40 Group Activities Periods 4-5 1:10 Theme Event
3:40 Closing Ceremonies 2:30 Closing Ceremonies
4:00 Buses Depart 3:00 Buses Depart



To help our operation run smoother and keep the traffic down, all campers are required to ride the bus unless approved in advance from our staff. We make it easy for you with several bus stop options including a free stop in Soquel. Counselors provide supervision, lead songs, games, and make the bus ride fun. Campers experience a sense of independence and start to make friends right away. We have worked with the same bus company for many years and have found them very reliable and experienced. Campers enjoy riding in the large yellow school buses and parents enjoy the peace of mind knowing their precious cargo is cared for by professional drivers.

Please see our transportation page for detailed timetables and bus routes.


Our Staff

Camp staff play a pivotal role in making Kennolyn a place where campers can be their best selves. We carefully select talented, caring adult professionals to lead our groups and activities. All staff is trained in the best practices of youth development, camper safety, and of course, fun! Many counselors are past campers or returning counselors who love Kennolyn and provide a positive and memorable experience for their campers.  In addition to our training, a background check is required, and all staff are fingerprinted.

Many of our counselors come from around the globe. Our international staff bring an increased depth and dimension to all aspects of the camp community because they offer campers the opportunity to understand and appreciate the similarities and differences of people from a variety of cultures. In addition to the benefits of a culturally diverse staff, campers receive the benefit of the international counselors’ exceptional education and experience. The counselors come to us through a program that has rigorous standards – only those with the highest qualifications are approved. In fact, these standards exceed those of most American camp counselor positions.

To meet our year-round leadership staff, click here. Check back closer to summer to see fun bios of all our awesome summer counselors.

Ready for Summer?