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Work Trades

Kennolyn Camps is committed to helping as many people as possible send their children to camp.  Trading your skills and energy for your child to attend Kennolyn is often a great fit and we are always interested in hearing from people with the vitality and commitment to work out a trade.

Our main area of work trades is Nursing, and this program is detailed below.  However, we offer many opportunities in addition to Nursing for parents/caregivers to trade work or goods for camp tuition. If you feel you have specific skills which could be utilized by Kennolyn, please contact Andrew Townsend at to discuss your capabilities and our current or ongoing needs.

Nursing Program

Careful selection of Nurses to provide care to our campers is very important. We are lucky to have many nurses that return year after year and provide an excellent standard of care. In addition, our Health Care Coordinator, Angel Kuo, is a Kennolyn veteran and a nurse educator. Angel writes and reviews all of our nursing protocols and procedures, which are both comprehensive and reviewed annually by our camp MD.

The vast majority of our nurses work in exchange for camp tuition. In other words, your work at Kennolyn as a nurse allows your camper to attend for free. Please note that nursing at camp is by no means a vacation! You are busy all day and every day, but it is fun to be around campers and staff, and with the right attitude you will have a blast.

Basic Qualifications for all Nurses at Kennolyn Camps

  • Strong desire to work with children
  • Ability and desire to work in and around an outdoor environment
  • Currently licensed in California as a registered nurse or willing to complete requirements and pay fees to transfer license to California (see for details)
  • Experiential knowledge base equivalent to one-year acute care nursing
  • Current CPR certification is required. ACLS and/or PALS is preferred
  • Excellent pediatric and adult communication skills
  • Personality traits: integrity, adaptability, enthusiasm, flexibility, patience, responsibility, and fun sense of humor
  • Critical thinking skills are a must

Overnight Camp Full Session Opportunities

First year overnight camp nurses receive one week of camp tuition in exchange for each week of nursing. Nurses also receive a 30% discount on a second child enrolled for any one or two week session. Generally, we require full session (one or two week) commitments from all nurses. Camp nursing is a 24 hour per day commitment. Nurses are required to be on site by 5pm on Saturday prior to the session opening and are required to be on site until 5pm on the closing Saturday of the session. Where possible, a 24-hour period off duty is made available to each nurse every week. You will be provided with comfortable, shared accommodations in our beautiful Nurse’s Cottage. Campers and staff are generally seen from 7am-9:30pm, with at least one nurse on call for emergencies at all times. Rest periods can be scheduled into this time to ensure nurses are healthy and rested. If enrollment is over 120 campers during your period of work, there will be a second nurse scheduled to work alongside you and you will arrange a convenient schedule for day time coverage and for responding to night time care. All meals are provided in our Lodge and nurses have access to a washer and dryer for laundry. Returning nurses receive two weeks of camp tuition for one week of nursing. This can be used to bring 2 campers to a one week session or can be used to send one camper to a two week session. It is not required that your camper attend the same session that you are working (although that is most people’s preference).

Overnight Camp 24-48 Hour Relief Shifts

In order to provide time off for the full session nurses, we recruit relief nurses who are available for 24-48 hour shifts. We can offer some flexibility in scheduling these shifts depending on the time off requests of the full session nurses. A relief nurse is required to be on site for the entire time of his or her shift. You will be provided with comfortable, shared accommodations in our beautiful Nurse’s Cottage. Many of our relief nurses are local to our area and so chose to receive Day Camp tuition in exchange for their work. Relief nurses receive one week of day camp for each 48 hour shift (or 2 x 24 hour shifts.) The value of this trade can also be used toward Overnight Camp tuition. For example, a relief nurse who works a 48 hour shift is entitled to one week of day camp. If preferred, however, the value of that one week day camp session ($545 in 2019) can be applied toward Overnight Camp instead.

Day Camp

Day Camp nurses are on-site Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. In exchange for a minimum one week commitment, nurses receive two weeks of Day Camp tuition. You can bring two campers for one week or send one camper for two weeks. It is normally expected that Day Camp nurses will transport their own children to camp each day, but campers are welcome to ride the bus to camp instead if there is space available. Day Camp has a well-appointed Nurse’s Station. There is one nurse scheduled for each session. The nurse is a promoter of good health, as well as a responder to accident or illness. Nurses remind campers and staff about drinking plenty of water, using sunscreen, helping identify possible safety hazards, and ensuring the general well-being of all. Most of the work is first aid and health awareness, along with some distribution of medication. This is a high energy position and requires a person committed to a high level of interaction with campers and staff. Day Camp nurses can exchange tuition for a camper who is entering K through 7th grades.

Although by no means a complete job description, the following is a list of basic duties for a Kennolyn nurse at Day Camp or Overnight Camp:

  • Adhere to Kennolyn Camps Health Center Job Description, Emergency Plan and Kennolyn Staff Health Orientation, Health Center Directives, and Health Center Interventions & Standards of Care
  • Adhere to the Delivery of Advanced First Aid (American Red Cross) and CPR (American Heart Association)
  • Screening of all campers within 24 hours after arrival at camp per ACA standards
  • Daily evaluation and maintenance of health and hygiene issues
  • Verification that all campers have a current health record on file in the Health Center and verification of signed permission for emergency medical care
  • Conduct a weekly inventory of supplies and request stock as necessary. Inspect, re-stock, and re-issue first aid kits for outpost, swimming pool, equestrian center, mountain biking, small animal care, kitchen, Kennolyn Camps office and autos, 3 day backpack trip, ropes course, craft area etc.
  • Ensure campers, staff, and support staff meet all applicable safety requirements
  • Oversee completion of all incident forms in a timely fashion (within 24 hours of the event) and submit copy with daily nurse’s report
  • Evaluate and determine necessity for off-site medical or dental care. Make appointments as necessary and arrange for transportation
  • Report any suspected cases of child abuse to the Camp Director
  • Communicate directly with parents and Camp Director regarding health and hygiene issues of concern 


To apply for any nursing position at Kennolyn, please contact us for an application by calling 831-479-6714 or by emailing

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