Huntington Lake Overnight Camp


Kennolyn is dedicated to making a difference in campers’ lives. We provide a carefully designed program with curated experiences so children thrive. With only 80 campers, ALL counselors know ALL campers by name, and what makes them tick. Our tight-knit, flexible, fun-focused environment allows children to develop relationships and learn skills to help them navigate life and adulthood. This powerful combination of program, place, and time provides children a much needed antidote to digital life through active, face-to-face, communal living guided by our well-trained staff.

Kennolyn Campers….

  • Become their best self
  • Love nature
  • Make healthy choices
  • Take initiative
  • Try new things
  • Make new friends
  • Respect the uniqueness of others
  • Grow socially, physically, and mentally


Senior Campers (grades 8-9)

Senior Campers need some time alone with other teenagers, so we give them that time, Kennolyn-style! They enjoy increased interaction with their peers in special activities planned exclusively for them – stargazing on the pontoon, overnights on Thursday Island, sunset skiing, and more. They also have a later bed time and are given the option to sleep in on occasion. Our specially trained counselors provide a supportive environment where personalities and relationships. Our responsible, young-adult counselors provide wholesome role models that campers strive to emulate.


Leaders in Training (optional program for grades 10-11)

Stay a camper? Pursue leadership? Or do a little bit of both as you choose?

For decades in the Santa Cruz Mountains, campers have joined our three year Leadership Training Program through grades 10-12 (CILT-CIT-JC) which then allows them to be a Freshman Counselor prior to starting college. It’s an amazing program with highly transferable skills for college, work, and life. It’s also designed with an emphasis on training campers to become counselors. At Huntington Lake we offer campers grades 10-11 a different option.

Not all campers wish to become counselors. Some are more interested in developing a specific skill, personal growth, and leadership in general. So at the Lake, our Leaders in Training (LIT) program offers that balance. And it’s optional. Once they arrive at camp, 10th and 11th graders choose LIT activities like they do other activities daily. The LIT program satisfies the CILT program but does not satisfy the CIT program.


  • Stay in our smaller Lake Tahoe cabin or collection of tents for up to 8 campers (for just their group)
  • Choose activities daily like all other campers
  • Participate in challenging group initiatives and discussions
  • Learn more about their own personality and how to become who they want to be
  • Provide servant-leadership to camp in a variety of ways
  • Occasionally assist counselors without taking direct responsibility
  • Receive a personalized evaluation introducing the concept of letters of recommendation and resume growth

LITs are expected to be role models around camp, and to show their commitment to developing the skills that will make them great leaders at camp, at home, and in their communities.  It is a fun introduction to taking on a leadership role at camp or developing more as a young adult.

Kennolyn Camps, Huntington Lake takes place on a site that is operated under a Special Use Permit from the USDA Forest Service on the Sierra National Forest, California. The camp operates on a non-discriminatory, equal opportunity basis.