Summer 2020

Age Groups

Children are placed in coed groups of up to 12 campers based on their grade. Two well-trained adult counselors remain with each group at all times. Campers and staff do not change groups for the two week long session and spend their time together trying all the fun things at camp and forging lasting friendships.

Each group has a color to identify their cabin, campsite, and restroom. These color group names prevent groups from mixing and remind all staff the supervision ratios set by the American Camp Association and developmental needs of that group.

We make every effort to honor group requests, but they are not guaranteed.

  • Campers MUST be within one grade lower/higher.
  • We consider that we have met your request if we place your camper with ANY of the campers named.
  • In 2020, it is not possible for us to adjust groups after the camp session has started.  This is one of our conditions of operating as set by the County of Santa Cruz.

We know that being at camp without a friend in the group can seem daunting. But the majority of campers come to Kennolyn without a friend and enjoy the process of making new friends. Our counselors are aware of who is in their group without a friend and they will work hard, right from the first minutes of camp, to help build connections and camp friendships.

Is Your Camper Planning to Come to Camp with a Friend?

Campers coming with a friend in the same grade may submit a request to be in the same group. These requests should be made as soon as you register, at a minimum two weeks before the camp session starts.  If you did not make a request during the application process, please login to your online account to add the request.


Two smiling day campers hug