Santa Cruz Day Camp

Ages & Programs

Campers minimum age 5 by January 1, 2023 and entering grades K-9 are eligible. Campers entering 10th grade may apply for the Camper in Leadership Training program. Children are placed in coed groups based on their grade the following school year. Groups spend most of their day together trying all the fun things at camp and forging lasting friendships. Two well-trained adult counselors remain with each group at all times. Counselors and activity specialists tailor each activity to the developmental needs of each group.

Counselors in Training (CITs) also help with group supervision. These rising 11th graders provide a helping hand under the guidance of our counselors. CITs are in addition to our supervision ratios below. Campers in Leadership Training (CILTs) also spend a small amount of time with each group when not participating in their training. Learn more about our Leadership Development Program here.

One of our camp traditions is zany group names. While this can be silly for the campers, the naming structure helps us follow the rigorous health and standards set by the American Camp Association. So when a group arrives at an activity, like the Punk Rock Pancakes, our staff know exactly the support to provide. Below are our general supervision ratios. These ratios  improve when in activities like high ropes, riding, or the pool where specially trained staff are required.

Grade Group Name Ratio Total per Group Highlights
K-1 Country Bagels 1:6 12 Counselors gauge the energy and focus of the group and slow down or ramp up the fun. An indoor space for create play and quiet time is balanced with the playground structure, trips to the pond, and time spent with the animals.
2 Burly Big Feet 1:8 16 Campers are starting to gain a little more independence and learning to make decisions for themselves. They tackle the low ropes course as they face cooperative challenges together.
3-4 Lemon Heads 1:8 16 The "candy groups" go full speed as they try out BMX and fencing among other new activities for this stage.
5-7 Superstars 1:10 20 Campers build self-reliance and responsibility. They navigate social dynamics and have increased decision-making and creative opportunities.
8-9 Senior Campers 1:10 20 Take adventure to new heights by learning outdoor survival skills and how to belay on the Senior Ropes course.
10 CILTs 1:10 10 Campers in Leadership Development. Begin to develop leadership and communication skills.
11 CITs 1:10 10 Counselors in Training. Continue to develop and experience what it takes to become a counselor.
12 CAs NA NA Counselor Assistants. Graduates of the Leadership Development program may be hired and paid as staff as a rising 12th grader.

Is Your Camper Planning to Come to Camp with a Friend?

Campers coming with a friend in the same grade may submit a request to be in the same group. These requests should be made as soon as you register, at a minimum two weeks before the camp session starts.  If you did not make a request during the application process, please login to your online account to add the request.


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