Work at Camp

Employment Benefits

In addition to your summer salary camp staff can expect  the following:

Extensive Training

We offer extensive training to give you a strong foundation for any job you may have here at Kennolyn. Our staff feel more confident and capable when they leave camp and are equipped to work in many different fields. Future employers are often appreciative of the skills learned at summer camp working with children. Kennolyn will pay for Red Cross Lifeguard certifications for any staff member who qualifies to work at our pool.

Career Training and Room for Advancement

Some staff spend just a summer with us while others will return year after year. There are many opportunities at Kennolyn to challenge yourself and take on more responsibility each summer. Many of our staff go on to work as doctors, teachers and some even work in tech. Our alum are employed at Google, LinkedIn, Roku, Arizona State University, NASA, Netgear  and many more.  The people skills you learn at camp will serve you well in any role you choose going forward. To learn more click here. 

Access to Health Center Staff

We have health staff on site 24/7 who can assist you in any health issues that arise.

Staff Socials

We offer multiple staff socials throughout the summer. We have a blast eating snacks, appreciating each other and just having fun!

Few Expenses

One of the greatest benefits of working at Kennolyn is there are few expenses while you work here. Many of our staff appreciate that at the end of the summer they are able to save a majority of their salary. While many of our staff do enjoy shopping and meals out during time off, some are able to put a lot of their money right back into the bank!

Time Off

So many summer jobs require odd hours. At Day Camp you can expect every evening and weekend off. For overnight camp staff on a nine week contract, we offer 5 weekends off during the summer (Saturday 3pm-Sunday 10pm) as well as 6 additional days off (usually 8:45am-8:45pm) and 3 evenings off.

These extended times off are great to visit the local area. Our Santa Cruz camp is located 80 miles from San Francisco and 42 miles from Monterey, CA. Our Huntington Lake program is 90 minutes from Fresno and just a few hours’ drive from Yosemite and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

New Friends from All Over

One of the greatest parts of Kennolyn are the friends you will make. Staff meet people from all over the world!

Beautiful Facilities, Many Activities

Our camps are located in the beautiful forests of California.  You will have the opportunity to go on hikes, visit creeks, and camp under the stars. In addition to taking advantage of our beautiful properties, staff also get the opportunity to try participate in our amazing activities!

In addition to the benefits above, overnight camp staff can expect:

Room and board is included!

Most staff live in cabins with campers. The cabins  are simple but modern. Some cabins include bathrooms while other cabins use a shared shower facility. We offer 3 meals a day for all residential staff. Breakfast includes a hot meal option like Pancakes and Bacon with a yogurt and cereal bar. Lunch and dinners have a full salad bar with a hot meal like burritos, pasta bar or pizza! We offer vegetarian and gluten free options at each meal for staff who have special diets.

Internet Access

While we don’t use a lot of technology at camp we do have internet access that can be used during free-time to contact friends and family.


We do staff laundry approximately every 10 days in Santa Cruz and at Huntington Lake our staff have access to a washer and dryer each week and scheduled time to do your laundry.

Post-Camp Work

Post-camp work is available for those who are interested. This gives staff the opportunity to leave most of their luggage on site and travel before returning to camp for one last weekend. This gives them a little more money to either travel with or put right in the bank for when they go home.