Meet the Day Camp Director

Welcome to Kennolyn Day Camp. As a father of three, I appreciate you trusting me and my staff with your precious kiddo. I want to partner with you to help your child grow into a thriving adult. Please email me if there is something you want us to know or just to arrange a tour. My wife Lindsey also likes to make time to talk to new families. We’re proud to continue her grandparent’s legacy of our family supporting yours.

There is so much good that comes out of being a camper – an increased sense of gratitude, a positive attitude, and growth as our children navigate being a part of a group. They learn how to make friends, compromise, and advocate for themselves. Meeting our international staff also helps make the world feel a little smaller and more friendly. Just the time away from their phones and other tech is huge. I encourage you to check out the Standford study Kennolyn participated in that presents the many benefits of traditional summer camp in the outdoors. You’ll find lots of other insightful articles and books on that link too as you add to your own skill set in raising a family. I’ve seen camp bring out the best version of so many people – myself and my kids included. I hope your child gets to experience the many benefits of camp too.

I’m grateful to work year-round to help Kennolyn be one of the very best summer day camps in the area. In the off-season, I spend a lot of time ensuring we continue to meet the many health and safety standards as a part of our accreditation. I screen and hire staff, review and improve programs, and plan facility maintenance and improvements. It takes a lot to keep 450 acres of privately owned redwoods ready for your camper!

Well, thanks for checking in. Feel free to email me at or call 831-479-6714 ext447. Hope to see you and your camper around the campfire soon.