Santa Cruz Overnight Camp

Emotional and Physical Health

It is no secret that mental health difficulties are at an all time high, especially with children. Camp can be an incredibly fulfilling experience and can make a world of difference in the lives of campers and staff. We care deeply about each of our camper’s physical and mental well-being while at camp. Our nurses and directors have years and years of experience helping campers through the difficulties that arise at camp.  Our medical team provides basic care, first aid, and medication distribution/storage to campers and staff throughout their stay with us. Our leadership staff offer  supportive conversations and pep talks to campers who need a little extra TLC, such as homesickness support and other mild emotions that may come up at camp.  In the event your camper needs support or care beyond what we can provide we will contact you to make an appropriate plan.

If your camper may need special accommodation while at camp please contact us before enrollment. We find that the more honest and detailed you can be with our staff ahead of time, the better the camper’s time at camp will be. We want to work with you to the best of our ability. We expect each camper to be able to dress themselves, eat, bathe, follow directions and navigate our rustic property. We can setup specific accommodations before camp including but not limited to: making sure camper’s bunk is near a restroom, modification of activities, modified seating plans etc. Our goal is to make this experience positive for all, please partner with us to make appropriate accommodations at the time of registration. 

Camp has a number of positive emotional benefits, but please note we are not a alternative to therapy.  Campers should be in a good emotional and mental state when they arrive at camp. While camp is a positive and life changing experience for many it is also a physically and emotionally exhausting experience. However, campers who struggle at home often do well at camp if they have positive coping mechanisms and a plan in place ahead of time. We encourage campers to bring their regular medication (to be administered by our nursing staff)  and coping skills to camp (stuffed animal, journal, sketch pad, fidget toy, graphic novel, etc.). If your camper regularly seeks the support of a mental health professional and would like to make sure they have access to this person while at camp, please contact us to make a plan. We ask that campers who have been hospitalized for mental health concerns wait a full year before applying for camp to ensure they are ready for everything that camp has to offer. 

Homesickness can also be a normal part of camp life. If you would like to read more you can do so here.