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Camper Behavior

Summer camp is a place to relax, explore and learn. For that reason, we try not to have a ton of rules posted everywhere, and we take a “we can work this out” approach when we address behavior that is not acceptable. Campers in each cabin group work with the counselor to make a cabin agreement that helps define standards of behavior that are in everyone’s best interest. Having said that, we have to have some basic guidelines for behavior. The kids know this as being ‘K-rated’.

Here are the behavior expectations for all campers. We kindly ask that you go over this with your camper before they arrive at Kennolyn:

  • We treat everyone with kindness first.
  • Nobody has the right to spoil another person’s fun at camp.
  • Campers are expected to contribute to a safe environment, using respectful language and appropriate physical behavior. Disputes do arise, but they should be reported to a counselor so that they can help you come up with a solution.
  • We follow the directions of counselors and staff.
  • Share your opinions when a cabin agreement is made so that things that are important to you are included.
  • Basic politeness like please and thank you still mean a lot and are encouraged.
  • If you share with us that you are experiencing thoughts of self-harm or suicide, we will work to provide you with the best support we can. In most cases, this means you will not be able to stay at camp, even if you later tell us it was a joke or you didn’t mean it.
  • Campers should be in good mental, emotional, and social health and be able to function in a group setting in a positive and cooperative manner that displays tolerance and respect for self and others.
  • Campers must be able and willing to follow all instructions and refrain from behaviors that pose a risk to self or others.
  • If you are violent in words, actions, or attitude toward another person there will be consequences up to the possibility of dismissal from camp.
  • We are a tech free space by choice. Please be honest with yourself and our staff and turn in any electronic devices.

Kennolyn recognizes that each camper arrives at camp from a different circumstance, and mental health difficulties are at an all time high. We will provide the very best care we can with this in mind. While this does not change our behavior expectations, we will approach each situation with compassion and understanding for the unique circumstances our youth encounter on a regular basis. If you would like to read more about mental health at Kennolyn click here.