About Us


Kennolyn was founded by Max and Marion Caldwell in 1946, when Harry S. Truman was President of the United States, the first network television series was introduced (on one of only two stations), and gasoline cost a whopping 15 cents per gallon!

Max and Marion (affectionately known as Uncle Max and Aunt Marion) were both teachers. During World War II, Uncle Max served on an ammunition ship in the Pacific. “If I EVER get out of this alive,” he wrote, “let’s start a school or a camp.”

From these simple words blossomed Kennolyn Camps. Now, Kennolyn incorporates an overnight camp, day camp and year-round events center in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California as well as a lakefront property in Lakeshore offering incredible access to Huntington Lake and the surrounding area within the Sierra National Forest.

Welcoming the first campers in 1946 was a lifelong dream come true for Aunt Marion and Uncle Max. They named camp after their children Ken and Carolyn, and started with a 60-acre site and 26 campers, including 11 nieces and nephews who addressed them as Aunt Marion and Uncle Max. The names stuck from that day forward with tens of thousands of campers, staff, parents and grandparents.

Uncle Max and Aunt Marion are sadly no longer with us, but their wonderful legacy continues to influence the lives of countless children and adults alike around the world. Their children Ken and Carolyn, and grandchildren Pam Caldwell Nootbaar, Lindsey Caldwell Johnson, and Steve Caldwell are all active members of Kennolyn’s Board of Directors. Pam is Kennolyn’s General Manager and Lindsey is our Camper Experience Coordinator. Together, with over 30 years of leadership from Camps Director Andrew Townsend, they are passionate about maintaining the beloved camp traditions and values so important to Uncle Max and Aunt Marion.