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We are always reading and listening to thought leaders in the parenting, human development field. It’s a big part of what we do to create a magical place for kids to grow and develop. A big part of our interest is professional but it’s also highly personal as we raise our own kids in and around Kennolyn. We want to be your Parenting Partner as you raise your kids. We believe that while the time at camp may only be one week, the benefits can truly last a lifetime. And while that time spent at camp increases summer after the summer, the benefits are exponential.

As camp directors, sometimes we need a few parenting tips, short reminders of how to stay centered, guide our staff, and care for your child. And sometimes we come across tough issues where we devote a good amount of time to develop a response. It’s the same with parents. We often ask ourselves, how can I be a better parent? Or what should I do about _____? While talking with friends is always good, sometimes we need to do a little research ourselves. Topics like drinking, marijuana, psychological disorders, and mental health crisis are complex and our response is critical. Surrounding yourself with a good team is a part of the process in raising kids. We want to be one of those resources to you.

So while there isn’t a “parenting manual” that came with our kids there are lots of good free resources out there. We recently collected several articles and videos that inspire us. Check it out on the Kennolyn Parent Resources page. We also encourage you to have a read or listen to this list below. And if you’d ever like to chat about a challenge you’re going through, just reach out.


Kids in the House

Excellent website with a wide range of topics and video snippets for all developmental stages. I find myself going back to this site again and again. You name the topic, it’s there: academic pressure, body image, dating, screen time, acne, self-harm, brain development, substance use, chores, moving out. Easy to find what you’re looking for from experts in the field.


Stanford Challenge Success

One of our camp moms, Dr. Denise Pope, founded this organization. They did a study with us and some other summer camps about the social benefits of camp. My eldest son’s college counselor uses their materials to help guide his search. Their basic premise is to encourage us all to redefine “success” – it’s not a one size fits all approach. They have a solid collection of presentations and events in the SF Bay Area.


The Happiness Lab

I’m a better parent when I take care of myself first. Many times that just means having a slight attitude adjustment. I enjoy this podcast adapted from a Yale University well-being course. It challenges lies we tend to believe using science and studies. Does more money means more happiness? Can happiness really be contagious? How does limiting our choices lead to more peace?


Sunshine Parenting

One of our good friends and camp directors, Audrey Monke, has a weekly podcast where she interviews youth development experts. While she has a summer camp perspective, the topics are engaging: traumatic grief and loss, giving meaningful compliments, dealing with social anxiety. All with an eye on how can we raise our kids to thrive now and on into adulthood.


Your partner in parenting,


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