Lindsey’s Quick Camp Update!

We plan blog articles every two weeks, and in between I thought I would share some simple updates about what is going on at Kennolyn.  If you ever have questions about camp, please email me at

  • Our Camps, Events & Facilities families joined together for a beautiful holiday dinner (& funny gift exchange)!
  • Dan & I hosted Andrew and Samantha’s families for a ‘Code Names’ game night – we highly recommend it (I got a ‘4’, just saying).
  • Samantha has hired most of our staff for Santa Cruz Mountains – they hail from 12 different countries.
  • Andrew leaves for his yearly European recruiting trip next week to find more counseling and support staff.
  • We have been creating some fun content for other websites too.  Check out an article on Red Tricycle about making resolutions with your kids.

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