How Bay Area Family Camps are Strengthening Bonds

Try out Family Camp in the Bay Area with your family this year.

Summer is a whirlwind for many families. It seems like it should be the time for relaxation and quality family time, but somehow it always ends up feeling almost as busy as the school year. Of course, you want your kids to be engaged and active while school is out, but between equestrian camp, music lessons, and playdates, you end up having very little time with them. By the end the summer you feel yourself wishing you could hang on to the sunshine, warm weather, and your little ones just a little while longer so that you can squeeze in some memorable moments.

If this sounds familiar to you, then consider blocking off some time at the end of summer before the kids go back to school for some family fun. That way, no matter how busy the summer ends up being you are guaranteed time with your family to recenter, recharge, and reconnect before the school year begins. But instead of spending a ton of time driving or flying only to spend most of your time in a hotel room with Wi-Fi and cable television, why don’t you plan something different this year? Going to summer camp in the beautiful redwood forests of the Bay Area and enjoying the great outdoors with the whole family can reestablish bonds—with family and nature—and set everyone up for success in the year ahead.  

Family Bonding at Its Best

Summer camps are known for being places where bonds form, trust flourishes, and many happy memories are made—and that’s especially true when the experience is shared with your family. Camp isn’t just for kids, and there’s beauty in the fact that everyone, even parents, can have an opportunity to embrace their inner child and enjoy all the fun, adventure, and exploration that camp has to offer.

Imagine waking up with your family in a rustic bunked cabin, stepping out into the fresh air, and heading down to the lodge to enjoy a hearty breakfast. Your day is spent hiking through hundreds of acres of redwood forest, navigating challenging ropes courses, and indulging your artistic side at the arts and crafts center. The evening ends with a nourishing dinner followed by roasting s’mores around a crackling campfire. Through these fun summer camp activities, you learn to work well as a family unit, strengthening your ability to cooperate and improving your communication skills.

What’s more is that the experience is completely care-free—just like summer camp should be. All you have to do is take care of the packing. Three delicious meals are prepared for you each day so you don’t have to cook, and you get a break from housework so that you can be fully present with your family without having to miss out on any of the fun.

Before School Year Technology Detox

So much of the time we spend with our families nowadays we aren’t truly present for. We’re constantly checking our smartphones, watching videos on YouTube, and zoning out in front of the television. We can forget how to live in the moment. Family Camp offers the opportunity for everyone in your family, including the kids, to leave the phones and computers at home and detox from technology by engaging in fresh air activities.

Unplugging, even if just for a weekend, can be extremely beneficial before the school year starts, as it can promote mindfulness and mental clarity. Being in a peaceful forest, feeling the gentle Bay Area breeze on your skin, and getting lots of physical activity can work wonders in resetting the body and mind. Starting the school year refreshed, energized, and more connected to your family—and yourself—is a sure way to make sure that everyone gets off on the right foot.

Preparing Kids for Resident Camp

Of course, another incredible advantage of going to a weekend-long camp with the whole family is to help prepare your children for resident summer camp next summer. Some children need a little encouragement when it comes to the idea of sleeping away from home and being apart from parents, so it can be a great idea to check camp out as a family first.

Trying out camp activities like fencing, riflery, and rock climbing with parents first can really help children become more confident in themselves and more comfortable with the idea of going to camp on their own. It can also give parents peace of mind because you get the chance to check out the camp and make sure it is a place you feel great about sending your kids to. And who knows, maybe you’ll love it so much you’ll want to come back too.

At Kennolyn we believe in the power of the great outdoors to strengthen and bond families. Our famous Family Camp on Labor Day long weekend is a transformative shared experience that you and your family will remember fondly for years to come. Spots for 2017 are limited! To register or learn more, contact us today.


Image Source: Flickr user dbjules

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