2021 Testimonials

Liam left home a grumpy teenage boy and came home a happy kid. Truly lovely.

Angela – San Jose, CA

Abby was new and she really appreciated how her counselor worked to integrate her into the group of returning campers. We loved the photo App, and as a new parent to Kennolyn, it was such a relief to see all the smiles and variety of activities.

Kate – Alameda, CA

I noticed a renewed sense of self-assurance and appreciation for being able to attend. We were so impressed with the full experience – the excellent parent communication, willingness to adjust with Covid and the smiles and positivity through it all.

Kelly – Basalt, CO

Gabby suffered from anxiety & depression for 15 months, but she camp back from camp more like her old joyful self!

Colleen – Capitola, CA

There couldn’t have been better people surrounding Cal for 2 weeks. He grew so much! He started out homesick as ever and left wanting to come back! Says it all. Your style works.

Kelly – SF, CA

DJ wants to be a counselor when he’s older – I’d say that is amazing from a kid who told me I was ‘forcing’ him to go to camp. 🙂

Michele – San Jose, CA

Lani came back almost giddy – a more confident, happier version of herself. I recommend Kennolyn to everyone.

Rebecca – Sonoma, CA

Ally came back more even more sure of herself and engaged in life. She is enamored with everything about Kennolyn – the songs, stories, friends, animals and activities.

Hillary – Manhattan Beach, CA

This was the first year Katie didn’t know anyone and that was the best part! She said she came home with 15 new friends.

Kev – Los Gatos, CA

McKayli completely regained her self-confidence at camp and got over her fear of getting dirty! I’ve worked hard for years to be able to send my daughter to Kennolyn, and to see the look on her face at pick-up made it all worth it!

Katie – East Palo Alto, CA

Conor grew in his independence – he loves the self-direction of camp. Getting the video of him dancing on stage was a delightful surprise. When I saw that I knew he was having fun!

Andrea – SF, CA

Mason left for Kennolyn excited but nervous about the adventure ahead of him. He returned happy, energized, and confident in his ability to meet new people and make new friends. What a wonderful experience at a truly marvelous camp.

Mason – Burlingame, CA

The 2 weeks Allison spends at Kennolyn is a magical time. She talks about camp for the remaining 50 weeks of the year.

Naomi – San Mateo, CA

I loved my son’s enthusiasm about cleaning his cabin and winning the golden sponge award! Who knew?!

Maegan – Alamo, CA

I’ve noticed growth in many areas but my favorite being in how Athena relates to her sister – more patient, cooperative and inclusive. I was impressed with her counselors on how they could be professional, responsible, fun and so open-hearted towards my daughter.

Courtney – Scotts Valley, CA

Some behaviors we were working on during the year suddenly all seemed better upon my son’s return from camp. Not sure if its all the positive encouragement, time away from screens or what, but when he came home, he seemed more cheerful, positive, helpful and kind towards his sister (offered to help her with chores and homework, amazing)!

Melissa – Piedmont, CA

Kennolyn was an amazing experience for Taylor. She loved connecting with her cabin and trying new activities. She was crying when we picked her up because it was so hard to leave!

Jenny – Moraga, CA

It felt like Jacob gained an entire year of maturity!

Jamie – San Luis Obispo, CA

Just when I thought Carolina was too old for camp, summer 2021 turned out to be her best year yet! Kennolyn is like her second home.

Marieke – Menlo Park, CA

Kendall gushed non-stop on the ride home about all of her exciting adventures. She said that she felt that she didn’t have to hold back and she could really be herself.

Jennifer – San Mateo, CA