Santa Cruz Overnight Camp

Grades 4-7

As our campers grow older, each year brings new exciting activities and opportunities. Campers love to come back year after year and Kennolyn strives to keep things fun and interesting for all ages. Campers 4th+ grade get to take BMX. Once campers reach the 5th grade they are eligible to sign up for our Ropes I and II classes, Videography, Silk Painting and Water Polo. A favorite activity for many campers is the Overnight Ride. This is an overnight horseback trip to a special, on-site, location reserved specifically for 6th graders in a 2-week session and campers in our 2-week equestrian program. In their final year before entering the Senior Camper program, 7th graders get to have their own special pool party and get a taste of what life will be like for the next two summers as a Senior Camper.