Santa Cruz Day Camp

Lunch & Snacks

Lunch is a great time of the day. Everyone has the chance to play in our quad area, eat lunch and relax with friends. Campers are encouraged to eat lunch and take as much time as they need to restore their energy before starting a fun-filled afternoon!

Campers are welcome to bring their own sack lunches, or take part in our camp lunch program for $35 per week. Each day, our chef creates a delicious and nutritious menu our campers love. A week of camp lunches might include spaghetti, grilled cheese, enchiladas, pizza, hamburgers and burritos, all made with healthy ingredients. Each day, lunch is served with two side dishes, a green salad and dessert, and we offer a vegetarian option every day. We recommend that campers with allergies to dairy, peanuts, or gluten bring a lunch from home.

Day camper eats lunch
Day camper holds up broken cookie

Campers should bring a full water bottle as well as healthy snacks each day, even if they are enrolled in the camp lunch program. Groups can always stop by their meeting places to grab snacks for campers who get hungry during the day. Counselors encourage everyone to drink plenty of water throughout, and there are several places around camp where water bottles can be refilled.

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