Age Groups

We welcome campers entering 1st-9th grades. Those entering 10th grade can begin our 3-year Camper in Leadership Training (CILT) Program.

Enrollment is limited to a certain number of children in each grade, so register early! The number of campers entering 1st-4th grade varies by session from a few to a lot! The number of campers entering 5th-9th grade is usually higher and a little more consistent. Please feel free to ask us how registrations look for certain ages in your preferred session.

Junior Campers

(1st-3rd Grades)

These campers have counselors who are especially talented in providing the support and attention that our youngest campers need. For added reassurance to the parents, counselors call home after the first few days of camp to give an update.

During a 2-week session, each Junior Camper cabin pairs up with a Senior Camper cabin for a special event to bond with the oldest campers who are great role models.

Campers who are going into the 3rd grade and up get to try new activities such as fencing and wheel pottery.

4th-7th Grades

As our campers grow older, each year brings new exciting activities and opportunities. Campers love to come back year after year and Kennolyn strives to keep things fun and interesting for all ages. Campers 4th+ grade get to take BMX. Once campers reach the 5th grade they are eligible to sign up for our Ropes I and II classes, Videography, Silk Painting and Water Polo. A favorite activity for many campers is the Overnight Ride. This is a overnight horseback trip to a special, on-site, location reserved specifically for 6th graders in a 2-week session and campers in our 2-week equestrian program. In their final year before entering the senior camper program, 7th graders get to have their own special pool party and get a taste of what life will be like for the next two summers as a Senior Camper.

Senior Campers

(8th & 9th Grades) 2 week sessions only. We welcome 8th and 9th graders in our one week sessions but the numbers are low and there is not the time or level of enrollment to justify a Senior Camper program. Most 8th and 9th graders choose a 2 week session.

Senior Campers take part in cabin life and regularly scheduled activities like everyone else. They need some time to hang out with other teenagers, however, so we give them that time, Kennolyn style!

  • Senior Camper Only activities
  • Optional extra day the beach
  • Half an hour after normal bedtime for special activities
  • Barbecue night
  • Specially trained counselors who are responsible, young-adult role models many teens lack

This program has become so popular and spawned many lasting friendships, that most Senior Campers return for our three-year CILT Program.

Camper in Leadership Training Program (CILTs) 

(10th Grade)

Our popular three-year Leadership Training program is geared specifically with our older campers in mind. Click here to learn more.

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