Lindsey’s Quick Camp Update!

As usual, in between our major blog posts, we will bring you a simple update about what’s going on at Kennolyn.

We received 280 applications in the final 72 hours before our early payment deadline of February 1st.  Thank you everyone for getting your camp session booked early!

Andrew, Samantha, and Brenda were able to reunite with former camper Phil Kaye as he and his friend  Sarah brought their Project VOICE live poetry performance to San Francisco. It was an awesome show.  Andrew gave it 5 Stars! Some of Phil’s other camp friends attended the performance the previous evening – camp friends, best friends. The Townsends were also able to connect with former camper Jon Sosin who was playing a gig in Austin. It was the first time they got to see his great talent at a venue other than the Kennolyn campfire stage.

Dan is currently traveling all around Southern California meeting with camp families and future campers. We’ve also been to homes in Piedmont, Sacramento, Healdsburg, Corte Madera, and Los Gatos. Soon we will go to La Jolla, Lafayette, San Francisco and Menlo Park. We LOVE getting to meet with campers and feeling the camp energy in the winter. It is so uplifting!

I leave on Saturday for a camp staff fair at Indiana University with my oldest son Logan. I can’t wait to show him my alma mater and get to meet some wonderful Midwest counselors (and see camper/counselor Liv Davis). We’re also headed to University of Louisville to see an old counselor friend. It will be cold but fun I know!



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