Overnight Camp Resources

Contacting Campers


Log into the Campminder Parent Communicator to send one way emails via this system. If you would like to get a return email from your camper, check the box for a ‘handwritten eLetter reply’. You will receive an email IF your camper turns the eLetter back to the office. The first time you view the letter, it will cost 1 CampStamp from Campminder. Once viewed, it may be saved or forwarded an unlimited number of times at no additional cost. Please note that we don’t force the campers to write back – it is encouraged but it’s up to the campers.


Download the Kennolyn app to view photos – iOSGooglePlay. We also use it to send text messages and critical updates.


Campers truly enjoy receiving letters and postcards. While emails are instant and convenient, keep in mind that campers especially enjoy receiving handwritten letters that arrive by US Mail. We recommend sending some sort of correspondence to your camper at least twice weekly, but do be aware that too much mail can cause as many problems as no mail at all!

We will distribute mail the first evening, so please feel free to leave a letter in our Store, or use the email system (before 5pm). Please keep these messages short, with a positive tone like: We made it home safely; You are going to have an amazing time at camp; We are so proud of you, etc. Please do not use this correspondence (or any other!) to share your own concerns about campers being away from home, as that can encourage worry and homesickness.

Kennolyn Camps, Camper Name, 8400 Glen Haven Road, Soquel, CA 95073


Kennolyn has all the necessary equipment to ensure your camper has a wonderful camp experience, and packages detract from this. The goals of being away from regular routines, meeting new friends, being free to play and explore outdoors are not enhanced by packages that can create trash, take time away from regular camp activities, and cause jealousy in the cabin. What is important to the campers is that they hear from you. A hand written note or postcard conveys way more than any package. This policy has evolved over the years and we find it best to say NO PACKAGES. We do accept flat envelopes up to 9×12 and up to ½ inch thick, containing letters, a book, or a magazine. That’s all that’s needed and appropriate. Any package (including a 9×12 envelope that is thicker than ½ inch) will be kept in our Store, unopened, and you can collect it on Closing Day. We have campers with severe allergies so absolutely no food products of any kind are permitted.

Packages Containing Necessities

If there is something your camper must have at camp (like a forgotten mouth retainer or eye glasses), please email camps@kennolyn.com to let us know, and send your package to the office addressed ATTN: OFFICE with a note inside listing your name, a note with your camper’s name and cabin assignment. Be sure to sign the delivery company’s signature waiver form, as we may not be available to sign for a package and cannot make a special trip into town.