Day Camp Resources

What to Bring & Appearance Guidelines

What to Bring

Campers should wear closed-toe athletic shoes with socks and comfortable play clothes each day. Mornings can often be foggy and cool, while the afternoons are usually sunny, so we recommend layered clothing, with sweatshirts to start the day, and t-shirts and hats to finish the day.

Each camper should bring a day pack with a swimsuit (one-piece for girls), towel, flip-flops, water bottle, sunscreen and snacks. We also highly recommend UV shirts to keep the sun off those shoulders. Please wear one mask and pack an extra.

Lunch service is not offered this summer so campers must pack their own.

A Camp T-shirt is included in the cost of tuition and will be passed out the first Tuesday of each session for the picture that same day.


Appearance Guidelines – Keepin’ it K-Rated

What is K-Rated? It is easy to understand once you’re here! We embrace campers from all different grades (K-11) and backgrounds. To ensure everyone is at ease, we have developed a set community standards to help guide the behavior and appearance of campers and staff.

Kennolyn is a wonderful place for children to discover, embrace and express themselves, but not through dramatic fads and fashion!! We lead an athletic lifestyle here at Kennolyn and we ask that you pack clothing that supports outdoor play and exploration. Thus we ask everyone to follow Appearance Guidelines so clothing is not a focus. If a camper does arrive with inappropriate attire, we will work with the camper and family to make sure they get replacement clothes suitable for camp.

  • ‘K’ rated DRESS CODE FOR ALL CAMPERS No spaghetti straps, halter tops or low necklines. Tank top straps must be at least 2“ wide
  • No exposed midriffs (shirts should reach the top of pants)
  • No excessively low-rise pants or see-through clothing
  • Clothing must cover camper’s undergarments. Shorts must cover camper’s bottom completely at all times (including while seated and while climbing in a harness).
  • Logos / images on clothes must not show or advocate drugs, alcohol or tobacco, or be sexual or violent in nature
  • Clothing should not be unsafe or distracting. Clothing must not include gloves, chains, spikes, safety pins, etc. or anything that can be a snagging risk.
  • Keep jewelry to an absolute minimum and leave expensive jewelry at home. Kennolyn cannot be held responsible for jewelry that is lost or stolen
  • Nothing may be worn in any pierced body part except for ears (1 earring per ear, no dangling jewelry – too dangerous!)
  • Long hair must be kept tied back from breakfast through dinner for safety/hygiene reasons
  • Clothing or appearance that is distracting or unsafe is not allowed. Clothing must not include chains, spikes, safety pins or anything that can be a snag risk.
  • Proper footwear required at all times with socks – sneakers or athletic shoes for most activities (except riding, for which boots and helmets are supplied). Many campers like to wear crocs. These are acceptable as long as a foot strap is worn. Crocs cannot be worn while on our ropes course or climbing wall.
  • Sandals or flip flops to and from the pool only. Our terrain is hilly, stubbed toes and falls are avoidable hazards!
  • Leave expensive or formal clothes at home. We get dirty!
  • Athletic style one piece bathing suits or swim shorts are required. UV swim shirts are optional but highly recommended. No bikinis, tankinis, speedos or cut out swimsuits.