Dates & Enrollment

2022 Discounts and Policies


Pay in Full Discount

These discounts require full payment at the time of enrollment.  Enrollment must be submitted by 1/31/2022 to be eligible. A full refund (less application fee) is available until 2/1/2022.

2 weeks Overnight Camp save $200
1 week Overnight Camp save $100
1 week Day Camp save $50
2 weeks Day Camp save $100

E-check Discount

Save 1.5% of your total when you opt for the e-check billing preference.

Sibling Discount

Overnight Camp – offered with 2-week sessions only. The second oldest sibling saves $100 on 2-week session, the third or more sibling saves $200 on 2-week session.

Day Camp – second oldest sibling saves $25 each week, third oldest sibling registered and any additional siblings saves $50 each week.

Multi Session Discount

Overnight Camp – enroll for 4 weeks or more to Save $300.

Day Camp

  • Any two 1 week sessions or 2 week session, save $25
  • Any 3 weeks, save $50
  • Any 4 weeks, save $150
  • Any 5 weeks, save $250
  • Any 6 weeks, save $325
  • Any 7 weeks, save $400


Enrollment Policies

Please carefully read the full terms and conditions that appear as part of your registration.

Here are things you should know:

  • You must pay in full at the time of registration to save $50 off a Day Camp week,  $100 off a 1-week overnight session, save $200 off a 2-week overnight session. Enrollment must be submitted by 1/31/2022 to be eligible.
  • The $125 overnight camp application fee is in addition to all other fees, is not subject to any discounts and is non refundable under any circumstance.  It becomes non-refundable as soon as you submit an application and receive a confirmation.
  • If you pay a deposit at registration ($500 per session for Overnight Camp, $200 per session for Day Camp, $200 per family for Family Camp), the remaining balance is due by 2/1/2022.
  • All tuition is fully refundable until 2/1/2022. If you used rollover funds to pay for camp in 2022, upon cancellation it will be returned to your account as a credit for your further use.  Any monetary payments made for camp in 2022 are refundable until 2/1/2022.
  • Cancellations received from 2/1/2022 to 5/1/2022 will be eligible for a full rollover of fees to the following summer (less application fees if applicable.) Cancellations received after May 1st will not be considered for any refund or rollover, regardless of circumstances.
  • You may change sessions as often as you like without fee or penalty as long as there is space available.
  • If you have a rollover from a previous summer, it can be transferred or extended but cannot be converted into a refund.

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