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Making the most of summer camp even after the kids come home.

Posted by Kennolyn on August 20, 2018

When your child returns from summer camp, they will be bringing a lot of stuff home with them. Dirty laundry, friendship bracelets, items from the crafts shop, a camp T-shirt, and lots of stories and memories. But at America’s best summer camps, campers also come home with a wide array of new skills and a […]

Packing For Summer Camp

Posted by Kennolyn on June 11, 2018

Packing for camp can be a nightmare. Am I packing too much? Not enough? What if my camper loses their belongings? These are all valid questions you may ask yourself as you pack you camper.  Here are few tips and products that can help you have success and a little less stress. Involve your camper […]

Top 6 Camp Movies of all time (selected by a camp director.)

Posted by Kennolyn on May 1, 2018

It’s almost summer. Millions of children will head off to great summer camps like Kennolyn Camps in Santa Cruz, CA. The best summer camps in America are generally nothing like the camps in popular movies. A lot of the most famous camp movies depict activities that would simply never be allowed to happen at a […]

Key benefits of Horseback Riding summer camp for kids

Posted by Kennolyn on March 30, 2018

  The frequency of lessons at summer camp allows for faster skill development. The best camps can help your camper gain barn skills as well as develop their riding, experience sometimes unavailable at a weekly lesson. Building a daily rapport with a counselor can help a child work through specific issues that have been hard […]

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