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How Culinary Camps for Kids Teach Invaluable Life Skills with Lasting Impacts

Posted by Kennolyn on May 25, 2017

“Every kid…deserves to learn the basics about food—where it comes from, how to cook it and how it affects their bodies. These life skills are as important as reading and writing, but they’ve been lost over the past few generations. We need to bring them back and bring up our kids to be streetwise about […]

How To Get Your Child To Stop Being a Picky Eater: Send Them To Summer Camp

Posted by Kennolyn on May 19, 2017

I see this time and time again at camp—kids claim they don’t like a certain food and then gobble it up five minutes later. Picky eating seems to be one of those issues that sometimes improves when kids spend some time away from parents and in a new, exciting environment. Summer camp is a great way for kids to get out of their comfort zones, break old habits, try new experiences, and taste new food.

Dining the Summer Camp Way: How Eating Dinner Together as a Family Can Build Self-Esteem in Children

Posted by Kennolyn on May 2, 2017

While healthy eating no doubt contributes to our children’s’ well-being, when it comes to mealtimes it certainly isn’t the only thing that does. Dinnertime rituals seem to be just as important as what’s for dinner, according to a plethora of child development studies. The consensus is that kids who eat dinner with their families not only do better in school, they also seem to be happier, healthier, and have higher self-esteem, too.

5 Ways to Support a Child Who’s Nervous About Their First Time at Sleepaway Camp

Posted by Kennolyn on April 21, 2017

Through your child’s eyes, overnight camp is a really big deal. But, when they say they’re feeling nervous about it, it may not help them to hear you say, “It’ll be great. You’ll see when you get there. You have nothing to worry about.” If you try to simply soothe and dissolve their feelings, those feelings won’t just go away. They’ll still have nerves and anxieties inside, but now they may not feel welcome to share them.

Instead, you can accept and make space for their concerns, sitting down to listen. In the light of your example, they’ll be more likely to accept their own feelings and have compassion for themselves. From this place, they’ll feel more empowered to release some of the tension and start turning toward solutions with you.

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