How to Talk to Your Camper About Summer 2020

Summer programs all over the country are shifting their operations. Many overnight camps will not be able to run and day camps that can operate will make some alterations to their programming. Here are some tips to help your child process the changes:

Give Yourself a Moment

As a parent you are handling a lot right now. We know that news like this will throw even more difficulty into the mix of an already chaotic time. Allow yourself to process with a family member or friend. Children noticed if we are stressed and update, so it can be helpful to work through emotions when they are not present.

Acknowledge the Disappointment

We are all processing disappointment right now- it doesn’t help to hear “it’s going to be okay.” Let your child know that it is okay to feel whatever they are feeling. Phrases like “I share your disappointment” or “I am sorry this is happening” can be helpful.  Try not to ‘fix the problem” but allow time to be sad but let them know you are there for them if they need to process.

Help Your Family Move Forward

Together you can find coping strategies. Remind your campers that this is temporary. Camp isn’t going anywhere. We will be ready to welcome them back to their home away from home as soon as we are able.

Make a New Normal

Summer will be different than we are all used to. Use this as an excuse to mix things up. Make a bonfire and have your camper teach you how to make Foil Stew and S’mores. Create a work wheel! Make each other friendship bracelets. Celebrate Thursday Thrillday! Providing structure and things to look forward to can help raise our spirits. Check out our blog or contact us for ways you can bring camp home. It won’t be the same, but it can still be fun!

Connect with Us!

We will continue to provide ways for campers to connect with us. We post regularly to Instagram and Facebook. We recently posted to Facebook with a place for campers, staff, and families to leave comments. Or call us or email us and let us know what you are up to. If your camper writes us a letter they will receive a special treat in the mail!

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