About Us


Kennolyn offers you the best of coastal redwood and alpine lake experiences.

In the Santa Cruz Mountains, two adjoining properties are nestled on 450 acres where majestic redwood trees provide an awe-inspiring backdrop for camp adventures. Our property sits at the end of a four-mile dead-end road and borders Nisene Marks State Park, a protected 10,000 acre habitat. Quiet and secluded yet easily accessible, we are less than 90 minutes from the San Francisco Bay Area and just a short drive off historic Highway 1 and the beaches of Santa Cruz.

The Stone Creek Village houses our original Overnight Camp, Family Camp, and year-round office. Modeled after the old logging settlements once prevalent in the area, it boasts a replica of a typical Main Street from that era. This feeling of a western settlement gives campers more than a camp in the woods, it gives them a special town all their own.

About one mile away is the Hilltop Hacienda where our Day Camp operates. With hundreds of acres of redwoods to explore and a stunning view of Monterey Bay, campers feel like they are really in the wilderness.

Our Day Camp and Overnight Camps operate separately on the adjoining properties – each with its own pool, ropes courses, and activity areas – to promote the unique experience each program provides.

We are on Native Land Kennolyn Camps, like most everything in California, is on the ancestral land of native peoples.  The Monterey Bay was home to thousands of Ohlone people who lived in this area of the world for hundreds of years prior to European Colonization. Soquel is home to the Awaswas people. Today, the descendants of the Awaswas and Mutsun tribes do not call themselves the Ohlone. Instead, they have come together as the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band to preserve their history and culture.   As we enjoy our natural environment we acknowledge the people who inhabited the land before us and are grateful for their stewardship. We encourage all our campers, families, neighbors, and staff to learn more about the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band  https://www.amahmutsunlandtrust.org/

Aerial view of Kennolyn's Santa Cruz camp

Huntington Lake is the site for our second Overnight Camp. After operating for three summers, sadly most of our camp burned in the fall of 2020. Fortunately the surrounding forest and lake were largely unharmed. We will provide updates on our progress in 2022 and look forward to campers returning to this amazing location in the Central Sierra Nevada Forest just south of Yosemite Valley.

Lifeguard sits on surfboard on Huntington Lake