Santa Cruz Mountains

Summer 2021

Now we are close to our camp season 2021, we have created separate 2021 detail pages for day and overnight camp.

Day Camp 2021

Overnight Camp 2021


There is a lot we know, and some things we can’t know, about how camp will operate in 2021

Here are the assumptions we are working with:

  • We operated both day and overnight sessions in 2020 with the approval of our County Health Department.  We welcomed over 600 campers with no known COVID 19 incidents. We see no reason that we cannot do at least the same in 2021 as we did in 2020.
  • We are EXCITED to imagine ways to safely operate the vast majority of our on site activities. We are working with local and national organizations to learn best practices for equestrian activities, ropes course, ceramics, aquatics and many more. The activities we offered in 2020 went well and we know we can add more.
  • The program will probably not be the same as in the past.  Likely changes include reduced capacity, less international or out of state staff, emphasis on activities here on our own 400 acre property, even more time outdoors, masks and facecoverings, enhanced health screening, and possible testing requirements for campers and staff.
  • The concept of campers being in stable groups and having limited interactions outside that group is fundamental to how camps were able to operate in 2020. We expect this to form the core of our program in 2021 but with enhanced rapid testing and/or a vaccine in place by the, we hope to offer a wide range of program options and some carefully strategized relaxations of these restrictions. One week campers will likely be in stable groups for the entire session.
  • Overall, demand for Summer Camp 2021 is higher than ever. Families are hopeful of an improved outlook for their children to safely gather with other kids in a vigilant camp community.
  • The safest option for everyone is still to shelter at home.  There is a risk in any gathering, including camp.  But, kids are getting to a point where, for some of them, the isolation carries it’s own set of risks.  Only you as a parent can weigh the options but we are here if you think camp is the right choice.

Click here to see our 2021 calendar, or scroll down for more information on how we operated in 2020.