Santa Cruz Day Camp

A Day in the Life

When campers arrive, they join their groups for Opening Circle a fun, energizing start to the day with songs, skits, cheers and flag rising at our campfire amphitheater in a beautiful redwood grove.

The camp day is 9:15am-4:00pm Monday to Thursday. Friday camp ends at 3pm. Monday through Thursday are regular activity days, when Day Camp offers a full schedule of 5 different periods with a fun lunch-play-break time in the middle of the day. We mix things up on Friday with a different schedule. More on that later. Each activity day is not exactly the same, however. To allow campers to enjoy as many activities as possible and keep things fresh, the schedule rotates with Mon/Wed activities and Tue/Thu activities. All campers have a chance to swim each day.

For many of the activities, co-ed age groups are together, and sometimes similar age groups are paired up to participate. Campers enrolled in Kennolyn Specialty activities will have a slightly different schedule from their group’s regular day. Although Kennolyn runs on a regular activity schedule, we always find time to hold special events, which can last one hour or a full day!

Each fun-filled day ends at our campfire circle, where the whole camp gathers together to sing songs, hear camper announcements, perform skits, and shout bus cheers on stage. Campers then head home to rest up for another busy day.