Fall 2020


Campers must currently be in 4th-12th grades and enrolled in a school that operates in the same time zone as Kennolyn (Currently PDT.)

There must, at all times, be a parent/guardian or verified alternate adult who is willing and able to collect the camper from Kennolyn within 2 hours. In these times we cannot isolate sick campers here, they have to go home.

Priority enrollment for 2020 enrolled campers who left funds on account and/or attended a 2020 Overnight Session: 8/17/20 to 8/20/20

Enrollment for all other former campers (2020 or any previous summer.) Open 8/21/20

Open enrollment for everyone. Opens 8/23/20

We want camp to be a success for everyone. Upon enrollment, a family Zoom call is arranged with our Dean of Students. Enrollment is only confirmed after that call is completed and an education plan has been agreed. Both the family and Kennolyn must believe that this is a good fit before the registration is finalized. While we can and will offer support, and we will enforce school hours as you would at home, campers should be relatively self-motivated for school.