Special Days, Trips & Traditions

On these days we take a break from our regular daily schedule, let loose a little and have a different kind of fun!  Outpost, Beach Day, Water Carnival, Boardwalk Day, 4th of July and Friday Fun Day are just a few of our customs. One morning each week on Special Days is Free Choice, when campers can try activities they don’t normally participate in.


session-5-thursday-8_9_12-76In the late afternoon, campers head to their campsites (a few hundred yards to a mile away depending on age group) carrying their sleeping bags, backpacks with essentials, mess kits, food and water for the next 24 hours. Under close supervision of counselors, they learn to gather wood, build fires and cook their own meals, sleep on the forest floor under the stars, explore the creek and hike through miles of beautiful terrain.

Special Theme Days

Thursday Thrill Days each have a different theme, special games and activities for the whole camp. Skits, songs, sudden performances and activities build excitement a
round the theme, which might be Rock Star Day, Super Hero Day, Olympic Day, Disney Day…and more!

Themes for Summer 2018 are:
Session 1- World Travelers
Session 2- Party in the USA
Session 3- Heroes and Villains
Session 4- Medieval Madness
Session 5- Boardgame Day
Session 6- Imagineers and Inventors

We’ll let you know the plan for your session before camp starts, so you can pack optional costume items for dress-up to celebrate the theme if you like.


Overnight Rides

Overnight RideA favorite camp tradition is the Overnight ride for campers going into the 6th grade and campers in our 2-week Equestrian program. After regular activities, campers saddle up their horses and wind through breathtaking redwood trails to our overnight campsite and corral along Soquel Creek. These campers get a similar outpost experience in a new and unforgettable setting.

Backpacking TripThree Day Backpacking Trip

For campers who can’t get enough of Outpost, we offer an optional three-day backpacking trip in Big Basin Redwoods State Park.  Located 20 miles north of Santa Cruz in California’s oldest State Park, Big Basin is an excellent place for exploration and further developing outdoor skills.  Our backpacking program is extremely popular!

Beach Day

Santa Cruz, Beach Boys, Surf City…how could we not visit the beach!  On Sundays during two-week sessions, we dress in Kennolyn Green and have a leisurely breakfast followed by reflective conversations on meaningful topics like friendship, community and the environment.  Then we put on our red or yellow swimsuits and head to the beach to roast hot dogs, swim in the surf, build sand castles and relax in the warm California sun.  We use the buddy system and the day is overseen by our lifeguards and registered nurse.  Beach Day is also Nurse’s Inspection Day, camp area cleanup day and International Night!

Boardwalk Day

Once during two weeks sessions, we visit the historic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, California’s oldest amusement park and one of the few seaside parks on the West Coast.  Everyone wears Kennolyn Green and cabin groups stay together while visiting different rides and attractions.  Campers are given a small sum of money to spend on keepsakes of the day.

Stayover Camper Days

Campers staying for more than one session enjoy an extra 24 hours of adventure!  We might take in dinner and a movie, go roller skating or plan other fun activities in the area. Our stayover campers get really excited about the different dynamic between sessions, and love helping counselors ready the cabin for the arrival of new friends.

Kennolyn Camps

Kennolyn Camps