Opening & Closing Days

Opening and Closing Days are the only visiting days during camp. Please remember to leave your pets at home!

Opening Day (Mondays for 2 week sessions, Sundays for 1 week sessions.)

Kennolyn is open for camper arrivals from 11am-12:30pm on Opening Days. Campers will enjoy their first camp meal with their new cabin mates at 1pm. We ask that all parents and visitors depart by this time so we can get started with camp. Intro Camp has different drop off and pick up procedures. Please click here for those details.
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Closing Day

Kennolyn CampsClosing Day always falls on a Saturday morning. This is a very important day to our campers. They really look forward to showing you around, introducing you to counselors and friends, and demonstrating new skills they have learned during their time here.

Our program begins promptly at 9:30am, so please arrive at 8:45am to allow up to 30 minutes to park, load luggage and walk into camp (wear comfortable shoes!). We warmly invite families and friends to spend all morning sampling the camp experience, and to join us at 11:30am for a scrumptious picnic lunch that we provide. Closing festivities conclude between noon and 12:20pm, with a special farewell song from our staff.

Please call us if you are running very late so your camper will not feel anxious or forgotten. Many families find it convenient to stay overnight in a local hotel. Campers flying home will be escorted to the airport after breakfast on Closing Day.

Parking is limited, so please leave your keys just in case we have to move your car.

Closing Day Lunch     Closing Day

Kennolyn Camps

Kennolyn Camps