Specialty Activity: Trapeze

KC Select Trapeze

Each Summer, Kennolyn partners with Trapeze Arts in order to provide professional trapeze instruction for our adventurous campers. Have you ever dreamed of joining a circus? Who hasn’t!?

At Kennolyn Camps, our daring young campers have the opportunity to ‘fly through the air…’ Trapeze Arts sets up their full scale Trapeze swings at our Resident Camp location, and professional instructors teach campers to swing, hang upside down and even perform a ‘catch’!

KC Select TrapezeAt the beginning of their activity period, the Trapeze Arts instructors demonstrate how to properly utilize the safety equipment, hold onto the Trapeze bars, and use their bodies to propel themselves forward ‘…with the greatest of ease.’ A truly unique opportunity, Kennolyn Campers swinging gracefully and fearlessly on the Trapeze is something wonderful to behold!

*Trapeze is a Specialty Activity.

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