Specialty Activity: Surfing

KC Select SurfingEach Summer, Kennolyn partners with CLUB ED in order to provide professional surfing instruction for boys and girls ages 7th grade and up at all skill levels. An extremely popular activity with Kennolyn Campers every summer, surfing has become synonymous with the active California lifestyle. Kids from Coast to Coast and in every landlocked area in between love getting their feet wet with this world renowned sport!

Kennolyn Camps is uniquely located mere miles from the beautiful sun soaked beaches of Santa Cruz California, giving us the unique opportunity to provide such a wonderful experience to our campers over the past 10 years.

Surfers meet in the Caldwell Lodge for first breakfast and eat as a group with their Kennolyn lifeguard. Like any good surfer, we follow the waves. Club Ed monitor the local conditions and choose the best spot for our surfers, typically Cowells, Rio Del Mar or Manresa.KC Select Surfing

Once at the beach, the surfers ‘suit-up’ (the nurses weigh and measure the surfers on the first day of camp and that information is sent to Club Ed ahead of time. Club Ed have the right suits and boards waiting for us at the beach.) They are then ready to learn how to properly paddle out, mount their board, catch a wave, hang 10 and yes, even wipe-out on occasion!

‘Catch a wave and you’re sittin’ on top of the world!’

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