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Payments Policies

Policy for Families Enrolled AFTER May 22, 2020

Due to very limited enrollment capacity and added operating expenses this summer, we can’t offer flexibility on this policy. If we are forced to close by government order, you will be able to roll 100% of your fees to next summer (rollover fees are fully transferable) or receive an 85% refund. If your child is sick and cannot attend camp, you will receive a 50% credit towards next summer equal to the number of days missed. If you choose to cancel for any reason, no refunds will be made.

Policy for Families Enrolled BEFORE May 22, 2020

We understand that this year, more than ever, families need flexibility so we have developed the following special policy.

No payments will be processed and no payments will become non refundable until a confirmed calendar is published and detailed operating procedures can be provided. If and when these things occur, you will have time to make an informed decision before payments are due or payments become non refundable.

If you decide to cancel your camp reservation now before Kennolyn has guidance on operational guidelines for 2020:

  • Simply complete this form to submit a refund request. While full refunds are available, please consider the expenses Kennolyn has already incurred in preparing for camp. You will be offered the chance to leave a small cancellation fee and we would ask that you do so, even if only to cover the credit card fees we incurred.


In cases where Kennolyn has to cancel or reschedule your 2020 session for any reason:

Our default will be to roll 100% of your payments to 2021 (or our next fully operational summer) with enhanced benefits including:

  • Automatic enrollment in the same session next summer
  • Option to transfer funds to another person
  • Change to a different session or program during an exclusive priority enrollment period

Families may also request a refund.

Balance Due:

For any balances due on May 1st, we are postponing the final payment due date until our full operational guide can be published and reviewed.  This will give you time to make your decision before your payment is processed.

Click here for our cancellation form.

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