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Ropes Courses offer adventure and learning.

We live in a fast-paced world. Between demands at school, homework, music lessons, sports practice, college prep, community service, and busy lives at home, kids these days are often overscheduled and over-stimulated. Sometimes they just need to recharge, get back to basics, and be kids again! At Kennolyn, they get the break they need in an atmosphere of adventure and self-discovery. Our campers may be taking a break from academics, but the learning continues.

Kennolyn Camps

Cooling down in the inflatable slip ‘n’ slide.

It is impossible to capture the joy and emotion of a camp experience in words. The laughter, camaraderie and adventure defy description. But we believe a summer camp should provide a lot more than just fun and excitement. It should be formative, challenging and rewarding. Kennolyn is a compassionate safe haven that stimulates the imagination. Camp motivates children to embrace new experiences, develop a stronger sense of self and make their own critical choices within healthy boundaries.

Campers at Outpost

Outpost is a Kennolyn tradition.

We pride ourselves on keeping up with the times while maintaining traditional values. We attend conferences and educational events every year to learn about cutting edge programming ideas. We also listen to our campers about what’s cool and what’s not, and find common ground where modern cultural norms can blend with our time honored and much loved traditions.

We are structured, but not regimented. Campers quickly learn to respect and even depend on our “K-rated” code of conduct, a fun way of enforcing community guidelines that they will quote year round!

Trail Riding at Kennolyn

Our horses are part of the camp family too.

Our campers and staff return year after year. Many recall their experiences here as among the most meaningful in their lives. Ask them, and they’ll tell you that Kennolyn is far more than just a camp. It’s a community, a sentiment, a state of mind, a lifetime of memories. In one word, Kennolyn is Home.

Kennolyn Camps

Kennolyn Camps