Year Round & Summer Staff

Our greatest asset is our staff. We strive to hire and promote the best camp professionals available. Read about our key staff and feel free to contact any of them with questions.

 Meet Our Year Round Staff

Pam Caldwell Nootbaar

(With her husband Joe, and daughters Taylor, Victoria & Natalie)

Pam Caldwell Nootbaar has spent most of her life at Kennolyn. Today, as our General Manager she oversees all of the camp and event operations on both of our properties. She pays special attention to ensuring that our programs stay relevant in today’s world while remaining true to the vision of her grandparents, Uncle Max and Aunt Marion. Pam is a graduate of UC Berkeley and has an MBA from Georgetown. She lives in Menlo Park.

Pam Nootbaar: ext.400

Andrew Townsend

(With his wife Brenda, and children Samantha, Mitchell and Grace)


Andrew has been a part of Kennolyn since 1985. Like so many people before and since, he found Kennolyn to be a destination rather than a stop on a journey. In that first summer he met his future wife, Brenda, and Kennolyn became their summer home. In 1993, Andrew and Brenda moved to Kennolyn full time and over the next few years Andrew became the Director of all our camps. With their three children, all committed Kennolyn campers of course, Andrew and Brenda continue to live on site. Andrew served two terms as President of the American Camp Association (ACA), Northern California and is the current president of the Western Association of Independent Camps. He also served on the Board of Directors of Pacific Collegiate School in Santa Cruz. During the summer, Andrew is very much hands on as Director of Resident Camp and provides daily oversight and support to our Day Camp Director. Brenda Townsend is the Director of our Family Camp program and spends part of her summer working at Day Camp.

Andrew Townsend: ext. 444 –

Allison Lloyd & Family

Allison Lloyd

(With her husband Evan, and children Addison and Max)

Allison Lloyd first came to Kennolyn in 1988 as a camper, and returned as a counselor in 2000. With a Master’s Degree in special education, Allison was a teacher for 10 years before joining Kennolyn’s year round staff. She has held different positions at Kennolyn’s Resident Camp, and in 2011 became Director of Day Camp. She has enjoyed being a part of such an enriching experience for children.

Allison Lloyd: ext. 449 –

Lindsey Caldwell Johnsonjohnsons

(With her husband Dan, and children Logan, Cole & Miles)

Lindsey grew up going to Kennolyn every summer, then worked as a staff member for many years. She met and fell in love with a fellow counselor who is now her husband! They live in Capitola with their three boys (who look forward to every session they get to spend at camp). Lindsey has worked as a graphic designer and now works year round here in Camper Development. Her goal is to enhance every family’s experience in the same spirit that her grandparents Aunt Marion and Uncle Max did for so many thousands of campers!

Lindsey Johnson: ext 440 –

Samantha Townsend

img_0615Samantha grew up at Kennolyn, starting in cabin Acacia in 1999. She has been on staff since the summer of 2011 in roles such as Ceramics Coordinator and Women’s Head Counselor. Samantha graduated from the University of Redlands in 2015 with a degree in Psychology and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. She spent the next year traveling and working for Camp America in England. In the fall of 2016, Samantha joined the Kennolyn team full-time as the Program Coordinator. She is excited to carry on the camp traditions that have been such a big part of her life for so many years.

Samantha Townsend: ext 448 –


 Meet Our Summer Staff

Carolyn Caldwell Folmar and Pat VeatchMy name is Carolyn Caldwell Folmar and I am the Associate Director of Kennolyn. Aunt Marion and Uncle Max were my parents, so I grew up at Kennolyn! As a camper, one of my favorite things was outpost, because I loved cooking my own food outdoors and getting dirty. Two of my favorite activities were riflery and animal care, and I enjoyed riding when I was older. For many years, I was a speech therapist in public schools. I was happily married to Roger Lee Folmar for thirty five years. My alligator, Leerog, is used in the camp song that was named after him. At camp, I work wherever help is needed. Some of my consistent jobs are organizing the veggie chop, helping at the laundry mat, meeting with the CIT’s and JC’s, and watching activities. A few hobbies are reading, writing articles for a group and walking. I also enjoy being with my family. My two sons and most of my grandchildren live in Martinez and Livermore. I hope all of you have a fantastic summer!

Carolyn Caldwell Folmar and Pat Veatch

Hi, I’m Pat Veatch. I have been coming to camp for many years, starting soon after Kennolyn was founded in 1946, and my husband Jack and I have continued to come back through the years. I missed a couple of years to get married and have three children, and now we are all in Alexandria, Virginia, where I am a docent at Mt. Vernon Estate. I have had almost every job at Kennolyn (at both Stone Creek Village and the Hilltop Hacienda), and have loved every one of them! But the best time is the day the campers arrive. I know first-hand all the fun they will have! My family came to camp, and now I am blessed to have all my grandchildren here as campers too. I look forward to meeting all of you and your families!

Andrew Alemoh

Hi, I’m Andrew, and I am from Los Angeles, California. I am studying Marketing at Boise State University in Idaho, and this will be my second year at Kennolyn. In the great outdoors, I enjoy many different sports and activities.

Joseph Alvarado

Hey guys, my name is Joe and this is my first summer working for Kennolyn. I am from the good ole state of Kentucky, but currently live in Tampa, Florida. In my spare time, I enjoy doing anything that involves physical activity, specifically soccer, but will play just about any sport that lets my energy out! Looking forward to seeing everyone at camp!

Brady Brown

Hi, I’m Brady! I’m from Olympia, WA, but am currently studying biology at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. I was lucky enough to be able to be a camper at Kennolyn for 10 years, and now this is going to be my second year on staff as a counselor! Hiking and kayaking are some of my favorite things to do. Can’t wait to see you at camp!

Olivia Brown

Hi, I’m Olivia and I’m so excited to spend my summer at Kennolyn! My best summer memories have always been made at camp, and I can’t wait to make new ones! I’m originally from Pleasanton, California, and am a sophomore studying Elementary Education at Cal Poly in sunny San Luis Obispo. I love hiking, reading, beaching, and starting dance parties! See you at camp!

Miles Bundy

Hi I’m Miles and I can’t wait to get to Kennolyn for my 6th Summer! I’m from Southampton, England, where I currently teach at a secondary school. I studied at the University of the West of England, completing a degree in Geography. My favorite activities are Fencing and BMX! See you at Camp!!

Chris Calciano

Hi! I’m Christopher and I’m excited for my 3rd summer at Kennolyn! I’m originally from California, but right now I’m studying Physics at Washington University in St. Louis, where I’ll be a senior in the fall. I can’t wait to see you at camp!


Alice Coleman

Hey! My name is Alice Coleman, and I’m from Menlo Park, California. This is my ninth summer at Kennolyn and third on staff! During the off-season, I am a third-year student at the University of Washington in Seattle, studying conservation biology. At camp, you’re most likely to find me by the batting cages or at the ropes course. I am so happy to back and can’t wait to meet you!

Jacob Crawley

Hi!! My name is Jacob, I’m from New Zealand and this will be my third summer at Kennolyn! I have a Diploma in culinary arts from the Wellington Institute of Technology and work as a chef primarily. I love the outdoors, hiking, camping, but I have a special love for the beach coast and ocean and almost all activities associated. I cant wait to see you all at camp!!

Ronilsy Diaz

Hello! My name is Rony and I’m excited to announce that this will be my first summer at Kennolyn! I’m from Oklahoma City, originally from Novato, CA; but I spend most of the year at Graceland University in Iowa where I study Biology. I love to run, swim, read, hike, and meditate outdoors and try new recipes with friends. Hope to meet you at Camp this summer!

Jillian Duran

Hi! My name is Jillian Duran and I am from San Jose, CA. I am currently a junior at Southern Methodist University, studying business and history. This is going to be my first summer on staff but my ninth summer at Kennolyn. I am so excited to come back to my home away from home and be a counselor for the second time this summer! I love to cook, play sports, and hike in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. I can’t wait to see everyone at camp this summer!

Kirstie Ferguson

Hello, I’m Kirstie and I’m from Glasgow in Scotland. I’ll be coming to Kennolyn as a first time counsellor, joining the equine staff and I’m so excited to get started. I’ve been riding horses since I was 6, and just graduated with an honours degree in Animal biology – pretty clear I love my animals. I spend a lot of my time in the gym weightlifting, and I really enjoy the outdoors, climbing (preferably bouldering) and just general exploring. It will be so nice to experience the Californian sun in comparison to rainy Scotland. See you at camp!


Zephyr Frazer

Hey there! My name is Zephyr Frazer, and I can’t wait to spend yet another wonderful summer at Kennolyn, especially as this year will be my second on staff! I first went to Kennolyn’s Day Camp in fifth grade, but never got a chance to return until I was able to attend the training program. During my three years moving through the ranks of training, I learned to truly enjoy this camp and its campers. I’ve made great friends and had lots of fun as a camper, and can’t wait to return some of that fun to the next generation of Kennolyn kids!

Adam Graves

Hello! My name is Adam and this will be my second year on staff! I’m born and raised across the mountains from camp in the city of San Jose. I’ve been to Kennolyn 7 years before this as a camper. I’m going to be studying Buisness at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and I love to be outdoors, hike, swim, and read. Hope to see you at camp!

Cary Hampton

Hi friends! I’m Cary and I’m from Hillsborough, California. I’ve been coming to camp for sixteen years. It is, without a doubt, my favorite community and I am excited to share my home with all of you! I studied Art History and Theater at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. My favorite thing to do at camp is to stargaze and moongape on outpost.

Craig Hay

My name is Craig Hay and I am from Dundee, Scotland. I am currently studying Civil Engineering at the University of Dundee. This will be my second summer working as a part of the ropes team at Kennolyn and I can’t wait to get started. In my free time I love playing football (soccer) and going to the gym. I cant wait to meet everyone!

Kathleen Hines

My name is Kate Hines I am going to be Senior this upcoming fall at the University of Arizona. I am graduating with a degree in Italian and Criminal Justice. I am a part of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority and love baking, cooking, arts and crafts and working with children. This is going to be my second time as a Staff member at camp and I could not be more excited!

Kaitlin Johnson

Hi everyone, I’m Kaitlin. I am beyond excited to return to camp for my 5th summer! I grew up locally and attended Kennolyn from 2nd to 9th grade. I knew way back then that I wanted to return to work at my home away from home. When not at camp, I am studying Special Education at Azusa Pacific University and traveling to my favorite place, South Africa! My favorite part about camp is getting to know new faces and seeing familiar ones year after year. I can’t wait to meet you!

Megan Keating

HI! My name is Megan Keating and I am from Santa Cruz, California! This will be my second summer as a counselor at Camp Kennolyn and I am very excited! I am currently a student at Washington State University and am studying Communications. I love all things outdoors! Some of my favorite things to do outside are swimming and hiking! See you at camp!

Roisin King

Hi! My name is Roisin and I am from Scotland. This is my 5th summer at Kennolyn and I cannot wait to be back in my favourite place. I currently work for Camp America in London, making sure all the International staff make it to camp safe and sound. I love all things to camp so you can find me running around all day everyday at Kennolyn! See you this summer!

 Evan Krause

Hi, I’m Evan! I’m originally from right here in Santa Cruz, California and this will be my 3rd year at Kennolyn. I love to run, swim, bike and hike in the lovely Santa Cruz Mountains!

Ivan Lipovsky

Hello!I am Ivan andIi come from the Czech Republic. I am super excited to spend another great summer at Kennolyn for my 2nd year as part of support staff. I will be working for facilities with the maintenance group. I study protection of population (firefighters) in my homeland. Well, I love fixing and making new things, and also love exploring. See you soon at Kennolyn.

Ivan Lipovsky

Madison Love

Hello! My name is Madison and this is my 9th summer at Kennolyn and 3rd summer on staff. I’m from Palmdale, CA but I am currently residing in Los Angeles while I attend UCLA to study English and film production. I’m super excited to be back at camp for another glorious summer and cannot wait to spend time at the ropes course, teach wheel pottery, and jam out at the dances. See you soon!!

Justyna Lukaszczyk

Hi! I’m Justyna and this it my third summer at Kennolyn! I’m from Poland where I’ve studied logistics in transport management, but I love working with children and spend time outdoors doing various activities. I’m excited to spend my next summer in California and meet new people. See you at camp!

Jamie Mancini

Hi, my name is Jamie! I’m going to be a junior at Gonzaga University and am majoring in Environmental Studies. This is my second year on staff at Kennolyn and I’m so excited for this summer!

Ewelina Marek

My name is Ewelina Marek and I’m from Poland, where I’m studying Biotechnology at University of Life Sciences in Lublin. This will be my first time at Kennolyn as support stuff and I’m really excited about it! In my free time I like to cook, I love to travel and visit new places. I am happy to spend my dream summer in the USA, in California, at Kennolyn Camp.

Kelly McMinn

Hello! My name is Kelly and I will be working my first summer at Kennolyn this year. I am from Aptos, California and am currently studying business administration at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I love to play sports, especially tennis and soccer, and to go on hikes in the beautiful hills around San Luis. I am super excited to meet you all at camp, see you all soon!

Ruth Murai

I’m Ruth and I am so thrilled to be at Kennolyn this summer! I was born and raised in the Bay Area, and I’ve always loved to explore Northern California, from the city streets to the mountain trails. I’m currently studying Film and Television at UCLA and I hope to eventually make documentaries. The things I will miss most this summer are my dogs and watching Battlebots on ABC, but I couldn’t be more excited to be at camp.

Andras Papp

Hi! I’m Andras from Hungary, and this is my first summer at Kennolyn. I’ve just got my degree in faculty of marketing and advertising, and am working as a graphic designer right now.  I like everything that’s connected to design and media, and also like to cook, listen to music and go hiking often. I like to inspire or give motivation to people, they say I’m a very kind person, and I guess it’s all true!

Oliver Pearse

Hello, my name is Ollie., This is my first year working for Kennolyn and I cannot wait to get started! I live in the North East of England, where I enjoy playing lots of different sports and love the outdoor lifestyle. I am over the moon to be taken on at this fantastic looking camp, and cannot wait to meet everyone!  Seen you in June.

Noelle Pruett

I’m Noelle and I’m from Corralitos, California. I just finished my first year studying ecology and evolution at UCSB, and am super excited for my first summer at Kennolyn! My favorite hobbies include hiking, surfing, skiing, photography, and playing volleyball! Can’t wait to see you at Kennolyn!

Anna Reeves

I’m Anna and it’s my first year at Kennolyn! I spent the first 17 or so years of my life in tiny San Juan Bautista, CA, but spend most of my time on the east coast these days, studying social work and art at Skidmore College in upstate New York. My favorite things are painting, running in the rain, campfire songs, and eating a mid-hike PB&J on the top of a mountain. Can’t wait until summer!


Ester Romero Garcia Galan

Hi! My name is Ester and I’m from Murcia, Spain, where I’m finishing my Journalism and Communication degree. My three favorite things in the world are camping, children and travel and I cannot wait to join the amazing Kennolyn family!

Sabrina Salkind

Hello readers! My name is Sabrina and this will be my first summer working at Kennolyn! I grew up in Santa Cruz, not far from camp. Currently, I am studying studio art and outdoor education in Washington state. My favorite outdoor activities include rock climbing, backpacking, snow sports, and general meandering and tomfoolery! I am so excited to see everyone on the ropes!!!

Eva Schewe

Greetings All! My name is Eva and I am incredibly stoked to be back at Kennolyn for my fourth summer on staff! I was born and raised in Santa Cruz and recently received my Masters Degree in Museum Education from the University of Glasgow in Scotland. I’ve lived in different states and countries, but Kennolyn will always have my heart. I love to read, make people laugh and spend my summers underneath the redwood trees! Can’t wait for Summer ’16.

Damian Tomczyk

Hello, my name is Damian and I’m from Poland. I’m 22 and I’m truly excited to become a part of Kennolyn community and meet wonderful people of various cultures and ethnicities. I enjoy music, playing and watching basketball and making corny jokes. See you at K-Town!

Bart Verheijen

Hi! I’m Bart Verheijen and I’m from the Netherlands. This is my 12th summer at Kennolyn, and this year I’ll return as the CIT Coordinator, which means I get to spend lots of time at both resident camp and day camp with our awesome Counselors in Training. I absolutely love outpost and will play hockey whenever I can, so feel free to challenge me to a game at camp!

Kirsty White

Hi! My name is Kirsty and this is my 6th year at Kennolyn. I am from Scotland and have just finished a degree in physical education teaching,  I am the waterfront coordinator and lucky to get the chance to spend my days at the pool. I love being outside, going for walks and looking at the stars. I am so excited to meet you all this Summer!

Agnieszka Zimoch

Hello! My name is Agnieszka Zimoch and I am from Opole, Poland. I am currently doing my Masters’s Degree in International Relations at Jagiellonian University. This is my very second time at Kennolyn, but my fourth time as a counselor in general. I love the outdoors and traveling. I am super excited to be here this summer! Can’t wait to see you all at camp!





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