2017 Testimonials

Here are just a few quotes from our families. Please contact us if you would like to get in touch with a Kennolyn family in your area who can talk with you about camp!

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Lucy LOVES Kennolyn! The time spent at Kennolyn teaches her independence and gives her confidence – after camp I am amazed by some of the things she now says she can do on her own. It’s fabulous to see this growth while knowing she has so much fun at camp.
-Abby Berghella

I wish our family had discovered Kennolyn sooner. It is a fantastic, quintessential summer camp that builds great confidence and inspires campers to be bold, adventurous, friendly and compassionate. The staff is a group of impressive role models. The setting is magical, and we hear the food is fantastic!
-Maria Bautista

Grace had an absolutely wonderful experience, everything I had hoped for. I have such wonderful memories of my time at Kennolyn so my expectations were quite high, Grace’s experience absolutely lived up to it and she is already talking about next summer, whether she wants to go for 3 or 4 weeks.
-Amy Thumhart

I like that Kennolyn’s supportive atmosphere promotes a sense of fearlessness to try new things, meet new people & be independent.
-Joanna Start

I’m less afraid of new things now!

They read my favorite book before we fell asleep each night.

We were so impressed with Kennolyn. We had a homesick camper, and the camp really stayed on top of that- including him and making sure he was OK. He loved the book that was given to him (he’s a huge reader), and felt very well looked after. The daily photos are so heartwarming. Our son admitted he was homesick the first few nights and still had “a great time!”
-Meg Thomas

I was a camper for 10 years myself.. it’s become a family tradition for kids in our family to spend at least one week at Kennolyn each summer. My kids never want to leave and always ask to stay longer. They always come out of camp with a sense of self assurance and confidence, with an exciting ambition to try new things. It’s amazing the amount of growth that can happen in such a short time.
-Renee Jones

A few from 2016:

‘My son said he wanted to skip Christmas & go straight to summer at Kennolyn.’

‘Clare said 1000 out of 10!’

‘Kennolyn is an incredibly special experience & the happiest place on earth for Patrick. Its one of the greatest gifts we’ve ever given our son.’

‘Charlotte loved the food, the campfires, the counselors, the camp songs, Outpost – the first thing she said to me was ‘I have to come back next year for 2 weeks!’

‘I’m so glad that Kennolyn is as great as it has always been. It was exactly what I wanted for James – exposure to new activities, social & personal challenges and a safe place to run around and be happy.’

Kennolyn Camps

Kennolyn Camps