Equestrian Activities

Riding is an integral part of the Kennolyn tradition. The high standards of equestrian instruction available tempt many of our campers to enjoy a riding activity. We offer a wide variety of instruction to cater to any level, from campers who have never ridden a horse to those who take regular lessons at home.

Kennolyn Equestrian CenterFacility

Equestrian lessons take place at our Equestrian Center located at our Hilltop Hacienda. Campers enjoy a short shuttle ride from our Stone Creek Village to take advantage of our extensive facility. Our Equestrian Center includes 3 riding rings, a round pen and is home to more than 25 horses.

Equestrian Activity Options

Several equestrian activities are included in our program at no additional costs (see below). Equestrian Specialty Camp is offered for those wanting an intensive equestrian experience. For more info click here.

INTRODUCTION TO RIDING (horse on a lunge line)
If your camper: has little or no experience on or around horses or may be a bit nervous and would feel more comfortable being led by instructor. This class has 1 instructor and 1 horse. Campers take turns riding and learning by watching others.

If your camper would feel comfortable riding a horse in a group setting without an instructor leading the horse.

Horse Care

If you are looking to learn more about this unique style of riding. Campers in western lessons play steering games, do barrel races and learn the basics of roping. Lessons are taught in one of our 3 arenas. 2-week sessions may have an opportunity for a trail ride. Our western lessons are suitable for all levels.

If your camper: can post and sit the trot comfortably, without the help of an instructor, and is ready to learn how to canter

If your camper: has taken English riding lessons regularly for at least one year, has full control of the horse at walk, trot and canter, and has some jumping experience.

HORSE CARE This activity is ideal for our most enthusiastic horse lovers, who want to spend time with these magnificent animals. Campers will enjoy walking, bathing, grooming and playing with several of Kennolyn’s 25+ horses. This class can be taken in addition to a riding class.

Stand tall and ride on! #weloveyousnoopy #vaulting #horsebackriding #equestrian #summercampVAULTING If your campers is unsure or nervous about riding, or is experienced and looking for a new challenge, we have the perfect solution! Vaulting, or gymnastics on horseback, is growing very popular in the US. Specially trained horses are lunged in a circle while campers learn to mount and perform gymnastic movements. It is a great confidence booster and a safe, exciting way to overcome a fear of horses. Of course, experienced riders also enjoy the challenge of vaulting and can put together routines for Parent’s Day. This class can be taken in addition to a riding class.

*Please take care when selecting an equestrian level for your camper as space in our lessons is limited. Our instructors may need to adjust levels on the first day for safety. Making the right choice now is the best way to ensure your campers equestrian experience. If a change to a riding level has to be made we cannot always guarantee a space will be available.  If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us!

If your camper is interested in specializing in equestrian activities check our our Equestrian Camp and Riding Specialty options.

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