March Madness Tour Savings!

Our Spring Discount deadline has come and gone, but there's is one more way to extend the 5% savings throughout March: Kennolyn's March Madness Tour Savings! Take a tour with us in March and receive a coupon code which extends our 5% Spring Discount through March 31st 2013! It's that simple!

Our staff have made a crazy commitment to offer tours of our amazing camp facility, any time on any day in March. Sheer madness! We can be here weekends, after school, before school, lunch time, whatever works for your family. If you're new to Kennolyn, have friends that want to check us out, or have a younger sibling of a current camper who wants to see Kennolyn, look at your calendar and let us know when we can show you around. Or, click the link to RSVP for tour day on March 16th:

Call now! 831-479-6714 or email

See you soon!