Skin Diving

Skin Diving takes place in our pool where we have a huge array of underwater 'life' for you to practice diving down to, or navigate your way through our mock sea-weed all before the REAL OCEAN TRIP!


Soccer is a recreational KC Select activity. We lease a beautiful soccer field at a local park and shuttle the campers to the field each activity day morning. The emphasis is on coaching and drills with scrimmages to enhance the skill development opportunities. All levels of players are welcome.


Surfing campers commit their three morning activity periods on activity days to receiving two hours of actual surfing instruction in the water with professional surf instructors from Club-Ed.

Sign up early, this popular option sells out fast!


Our swimming classes are taught by our lifeguards, water safety instructors and water front staff. For the beginner we strive for a maximum student to instructor ratio of 3:1, intermediate and advanced swimmers may be in slightly larger classes.


Trapeze is available as a single activity period KC Select option. Each summer our friends at Trapeze Arts build a full size trapeze right here at StoneCreek Village (Resident Camp.) This is our most popular KC Select activity and is available to Resident Camp and Day Camp campers during applicable sessions.


Vaulting, or gymnastics on horseback, is enjoying a speedy growth in popularity throughout the United States. Specially trained horses are lunged in a circle while campers learn to mount and perform gymnastic routines.

Water Polo

Waterpolo is available to those entering 5th grade and above. Innertube Waterpolo is similar to regular Waterpolo although played with huge inflatable tires to sit in and situated closer to the shallow end of the pool for our 1st through 4th graders.