Pottery: Wheel

Wheel pottery is offered to campers entering 3rd grade and older. Campers learn to prepare clay for throwing, center a pot on the wheel, throw a small pot or vessel with consistency, recognize common flaws, finish their pieces, and glazing.


Riding is an integral part of the Kennolyn tradition. The fun of being around the horses and the high standards of equestrian instruction available tempt nearly all our campers to enjoy a riding activity.


Another Olympic sport taught at Kennolyn. We use Daisy brand BB Guns and Air Rifles to teach the sport of Target Shooting. Our program is operated under the guidance of the Civilian Marksmanship Program and emphasizes safety over all else.

Ropes Course 1

Ropes Course 1 is a challenging activity for campers going into the 5th-7th grades. The activity begins on our low ropes course, where campers do games, challenges, and low ropes elements. For the high ropes course campers head for the tree tops to try challenges like the High Y, Flying Squirrel, Team Beam, and the Zip Line.

Ropes Course 2

Ropes Course 2 is an activity for campers, 5th-7th grades, who are interested in spending more time on the ropes course. With an extra activity hour, campers will be able to spend more time on the high ropes course and take full advantage of this exciting activity.

Select Equestrian

For campers entering 5th grade or older who want to concentrate on riding and horses, this is the perfect solution. Equestrian Campers spend most of their time on riding, vaulting, and horsemanship activities.

Select Riding

Select Riding is a chance to spend more time at our beautiful equestrian center without committing to nothing but horses at our one or two week Equestrian program.

Self Defense

The particular skills taught in Self Defense change each summer depending on the particular Martial Arts discipline practiced by the instructor. However, it always includes conditioning and safety as well as basic skills in the particular discipline.

Silk Painting

Campers will be introduced to different kinds of application such as colored resist, shading techniques using rubbing alcohol, and background preparation. Fun for campers who have already enjoyed silk painting and want to do more and open to those who have an interest in focusing on one art project. Grades 5 and up.